Free Software and Utilities

AJA offers incredible software to complement our legendary video hardware products including many software utilities and plugins for both desktop and mobile devices.

For downloads related to individual products, please go to our Support Pages, select your product, and then select the downloads you need.

For downloads related to the use of Avid software with AJA products please go to our Avid support page.

AJA Control Panel

AJA’s free Desktop software for KONA includes AJA Control Panel, a powerful and elegant UI for interfacing with your chosen hardware.

Control Panel provides an easy to understand visual showing how the KONA hardware is currently configured and allows you to make changes. You can change signal input and output parameters and define the video processing that will be performed. The AJA software installer automatically installs the Control Panel application on your computer, and once opened, AJA Control Panel recognizes the connected hardware and provides configuration and setting options appropriate to its capabilities.

Other powerful features include huge flexibility across ingest/output for 8K/UltraHD2*, 4K/UltraHD, 2K/HD, and SD, HDR Test patterns, HDR pass-through and signaling, Timecode insertion from source or time-of-day, and much more.


AJA Control Room

*8K/UltraHD2 supported via KONA 5 PCIe card.

Apple silicon Support

AJA Desktop Software is optimized for the latest Apple silicon with native support for AJA macOS drivers, application plug-ins, AJA Control Room, AJA Control Panel, and AJA System Test.

Mini-Config Software

AJA’s free Mini-Config software can be used with any USB-enabled AJA Mini-Converter and provides an easy to use graphical interface with detailed information about the current input and output formats. Control all the parameters of any supported AJA Mini-Converter as well as loading firmware updates from AJA that add new features and functionality.

Download Mini-Config

AJA eMini-Setup

AJA eMini-Setup software allows quick and easy network settings configuration and device updates for AJA’s IP Mini-Converters, HELO Plus, ColorBox, and KUMO.

Please find this software download in the Downloads area for the product page of your device.



AJA System Test

AJA System Test is included in retail software downloads for KONA, Io, and T-TAP Pro products, and is used throughout the industry to provide accurate and detailed evaluations of drive performance statistics. This information allows users to predict the capabilities of any drive system for recording and playing back various resolutions and codecs.

AJA System Test

AJA DataCalc

AJA DataCalc is a mobile OS application for iOS, iPadOS and Android, offering two modes for storage and time calculations based upon raster, frame rate and codec choices.

DataCalc - Calculate your storage needs before capture.

TimeCalc – Calculate the run time of materials you can capture by storage size.

Share results with your team straight from the application.

Download from the App Store

Download from Google Play

AJA Mini-Matrix

Information on the complete line of AJA mini-converters is now available in the Mini-Matrix. AJA products are extensive and this resource helps you find the right converter for any situation, wherever you are.

Individual products have links back to the main AJA website for more details.

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