Customer Stories

Zeros in One Rocks AJA Gear on Tour

September 28, 2023

Video production company Zeros in One specializes in supporting live concerts and other large-scale events with camera and engineering expertise. [Read the full story]

Astora Digital on Setting the New Standard for DITs in China

September 12, 2023

The continued rise of LED virtual production, HDR, and remote work is introducing new technologies and challenges into on-set and post production workflows, making the role of the Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) increasingly invaluable. [Read the full story]

Nits.Lab on Trailblazing HDR Workflows in Brazil 

September 8, 2023

High dynamic range (HDR) is broadening storytelling capabilities, making for richer audience experiences. [Read the full story]

Spin Digital: Driving 8K Production into the Future

September 5, 2023

In many parts of the world, 8K video production is taking off, and media solutions provider Spin Digital is rapidly envisioning new systems to accommodate the demand. [Read the full story]

Behind the Scenes of PaintScaping’s Dazzling 3D Projections

August 25, 2023

The entire world is a canvas for the creative technologists at Los Angeles-based PaintScaping, which currently holds a Guinness World Record for projecting a live video game display (on the side of a mountain, no less). [Read the full story]

DIT Eli Berg on Delivering Top-Notch Quality Imagery While Having Fun

August 22, 2023

Connecting on-set and post-production realms in today’s era of digital filmmaking, digital imaging technicians (DITs) have become trusted resources on-set. [Read the full story]

Cogent Global Solutions, Inc. Talks Conference and Event AV Workflows

July 6, 2023

Planning memorable event experiences requires thoughtful production design, which is Cogent’s specialty. Blending creativity with innovative technology, its team supports conferences and events around the world for large-scale associations and corporations. [Read the full story]

Carry Live on Bringing Audiences Closer to the Esports Pros Behind the Games

June 28, 2023

As interest in esports grows worldwide, audiences are clamoring for more live coverage of the sport -- not only the tournaments and games themselves, but the strategy, reactions, and personalities of the pros competing. [Read the full story]

Sam Petrov Provides an Inside Look at the Role of the DIT On-Set

June 21, 2023

Crafting the look of modern content before it even reaches post production – whether a feature film, episodic series, or unscripted show – requires technical acumen and a creative eye. [Read the full story]

A Casual Conversation with DIT Eduardo Eguia

June 16, 2023

Like most digital imaging technicians (DITs), Eduardo Eguia works long hours, with projects across film and episodic running in close succession. Yet, his love of the creative process runs deep. [Read the full story]

S4 Studios Talks Virtual Production with the AJA GEN10 and HTC VIVE Mars CamTrack

June 13, 2023

S4 Studios is a one-stop-shop for virtual production and visual effects, with a studio in Los Angeles and a virtual production/ICVFX (in-camera visual effects) stage up the road in Canoga Park. [Read the full story]

Shop Talk with Funicular Goats – Cinematic Multi-Camera Production 

June 6, 2023

While Funicular Goats’ name is enough to make it stand out, the one-stop multi-camera cinematic production solutions shop has quickly made a name for itself across the live event, broadcast, and streaming production communities with its unmatched technical prowess. [Read the full story]