AJA eMini-Setup

AJA eMini-Setup

Quick and Easy Setup and Updates

AJA eMini-Setup


AJA eMini-Setup software allows quick and easy network settings configuration and device updates for AJA’s HELO Plus, ColorBox, KUMO, and IP Mini-Converters.

Available on Windows or macOS, the eMini-Setup application provides a graphic interface for configuring network settings and updating software.

Please find this software download in the Downloads area for the product page of your device.


  • IP address configuration
  • Device Password Reset
  • Display device firmware version
  • Display device serial number for registration and support
  • Status field for verifying connection and communication
  • Firmware Updates
  • Change Device Name for unique identification
  • Revert to Factory Settings

Supported Products


The AJA eMini-Setup application enables initial network settings configuration of ColorBox via a USB cable connected from the host computer to the ColorBox's OTG (On-The-Go) USB port. 

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HELO Plus has a Mini-USB Config port for use with eMini-Setup for initial configuration and firmware updates.

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IP Mini-Converters

The AJA eMini-Setup application enables initial network configuration of the Control LAN and Media LANs 1 and 2 as well as firmware updates via a USB cable connected to a host computer.

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Setup initial network settings of KUMO routers and control panels via the USB port.

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