Avid Support

AJA and Avid® Software


Welcome to the AJA support page for Avid products. This page will direct you to the latest version of the AJA combined software package that works with Avid Media Composer and ProTools.

AJA's unified Desktop Software package, has been developed to enable powerful integrated video/audio capture, output, editing, and production with 3rdparty applications, including Avid software.

AJA Software Installer

The AJA software package for macOS or Windows, contains firmware for all supported devices, drivers, utilities and AJA’s Avid plugin that supports Media Composer and ProTools out of the box. An important utility that you will want to have open when using Media Composer is AJA Control Panel – since this allows you to set up your signal, reference source, timing and many other crucial aspects of how Media Composer interacts with your AJA or Avid hardware.

AJA Products Supporting Avid Software

For all other AJA products compatible with Avid software, simply download and install the latest Desktop Software package from the AJA support page for your product as follows, and ensure you read the Release Notes for the very latest items related to Avid version compatibility and more.

AJA Control Room

AJA Control Room is free software from AJA that is designed to be used with AJA hardware devices and is installed automatically as part of AJA’s Desktop Software package alongside AJA’s Avid plug in.

It can also operate as a stand-alone media player with full-screen playback and host system audio monitoring, supporting high quality professional media file types and formats including Avid DNxHR and DNxHD codecs. This capability can provide a convenient resource for your Avid file playback needs when desired on machines with or without AJA hardware attached or Avid software installed and with hardware attached, provides the ability to capture files from external devices to these Avid codecs for use in your Avid pipelines.

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