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Streamlined Capture and Playback over 3G-SDI

Compatibility Configuration

$595 US MSRP*

* Pricing is for US only. International pricing will vary.


Designed for broadcast, post and ProAV, as well as OEM developers, KONA 1 is a robust, cost efficient single-channel 3G-SDI 2K/HD 60p I/O card with serial control and reference/LTC. KONA 1 features standard application plug-ins and supports capture, monitoring and/or playback with software applications from AJA, Adobe®, Avid®, Apple®, Telestream and more as well as AJA SDK support. KONA 1 enables simultaneous monitoring during capture (pass-through) and includes: full size SDI ports supporting 3G-SDI formats, embedded 16-channel SDI audio in/out, Genlock with reference/ LTC input and RS-422.



  • Single Channel 3G-SDI Capture or Playback up to 2K/HD 60p
  • Full size 3G-SDI BNC ports
  • PCIe 2.0 2-lane
  • Powerful creative applications support
  • Available in low profile PCIe 2.0 without external RS422 port (OEM only)
  • ANC capture and processing
  • 8/10 Bit YCbCr and RGB framebuffer formats
  • 16-ch SDI Embedded Audio I/O, 24-bit 48khz
  • HD/SD Genlock, Reference Video or LTC Input (selectable)
  • Three year warranty

Powerful and Simple 3G-SDI Capture and Playback for 2K/HD up to 60p

KONA 1 provides cost-effective and powerful professional 3G-SDI support for robust compatibility with Ingest, Editing and Visual Effects applications.

Capture, Monitor and Output frame accurately up to 2K 60p over 3G-SDI with Adobe, Avid, AJA Control Room and many more applications.

Reference and LTC spigots provide the professional frame stability and time code based reliability you need for broadcast, production, ProAV and creative finishing projects.

Apple Mac Pro Compatible

AJA offers full compatibility for the new Apple Mac Pro, including support for AJA Control Room with Metal compatibility as well as extensive support for a range of applications. For productions handling high resolution workflows, KONA 1 is a perfect companion with the new desktop offering single-channel 3G-SDI capture and playback.


Supporting macOS, Windows and Linux, KONA 1 offers cost effective simple connectivity for a range of 2K/HD/SD workflows across 3G-SDI with video pass through on SDI out while capturing.


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Powerful platforms for development partners

AJA's Developer Program allows partner companies to incorporate AJA products into their systems. By utilizing existing, proven video I/O devices, Developer Partners leverage AJA's expertise to develop and support these technologies, saving money and getting their integrated products to market more quickly.

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AJA DataCalc

AJA DataCalc is a mobile OS application for iOS, iPadOS and Android, offering two modes for storage and time calculations based upon raster, frame rate and codec choices.

DataCalc - Calculate your storage needs before capture.

TimeCalc – Calculate the run time of materials you can capture by storage size.

Share results with your team straight from the application.

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Industry Leading Support

AJA’s technical support is recognized as among the best in the industry and is available to all AJA customers. If you need assistance with any aspect of your KONA installation, configuration, operation or encounter any technical issue,  AJA Support will work with you to get up and running.

KONA products are covered by a generous three year warranty. Please see the individual Product’s Manual for additional specifics around warranty conditions for the product itself.

Tech Specs

Video Formats

  • (2K) 2048 x 1080p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60 
  • (2K) 2048 x 1080PsF 23.98, 24, 25
  •  (HD) 1080i 50, 59.94, 60
  •  (HD) 1080PsF 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30
  • (HD) 1080p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60
  • (HD) 720p 50, 59.94, 60
  • (SD) 625i 50
  • (SD) 525i 59.94

Video Input Digital

  • 3G-SDI, SMPTE-259/292/296/424 

Video Output Digital

  • 3G-SDI, SMPTE-259/292/296/424

Audio Input Digital

  • 16-Channel 24-bit SDI embedded, 48 kHz synchronous

Audio Output Digital

  • 16-Channel 24-bit SDI embedded, 48 kHz synchronous

Reference / LTC Input

  • Analog Color Black or HD Tri-level sync
  • LTC

Electrical Interface

  • 2-lane PCIe 2.0

Machine control

  • RS-422, Sony 9-pin protocol
  • 9-pin D-connector pinout is as follows:











No Connection











Size (w x d x h)

  • T = 0.88" x 7.38" x 4.75" (22.36 x 187.46 x 120.65 mm)
  • S = 0.75" x 7.25" x 3.125" (19.05 x 184.15 x 79.36 mm)


  • 0.3 lb (0.2 kg)


  • Safe Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F)
  • Safe Storage Temperature (Power OFF): -40 to 60 C (-40 to 140 F)
  • Operating Relative Humidity: 10-90% noncondensing
  • Operating Altitude: <3,000 meters (<10,000 feet)