HDR Image Analyzer 12G

HDR Image Analyzer 12G

HDR Waveform, Histogram and Vectorscope Monitoring

HDR Solutions

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HDR Image Analyzer 12G


HDR Image Analyzer 12G delivers a comprehensive array of tools for the effective analysis of the latest 4K/UltraHD HDR standards, over a single cable with 12G-SDI, – including HLG, PQ, Rec.2020 and Rec.709 – from 8K/UltraHD2/4K/UltraHD/2K/HD content in a convenient real time 1RU device. 

Developed in partnership with Colorfront, AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G supports a wealth of inputs from camera LOG formats to SDR (REC 709), PQ (ST 2084) and HLG and offers color gamut support for BT.2020 alongside traditional BT.709. AJA hardware prowess ensures high reliability and performance, with 4x 12G-SDI bidirectional I/O, and DisplayPort connections.

Specifically designed to be used wherever needed, the 1RU form factor fits into a range of environments, providing the confidence you need for consistent and predictable HDR production and mastering.


  • HDR Waveform, Histogram and Vectorscope Monitoring
  • UltraHD UI for native-resolution picture display including PQ support for HDR capable displays
  • Configurable layouts allow you to put the tool you need in the window you need it 
  • Support for display referred SDR (Rec.709), HDR ST2084/PQ, and HLG analysis
  • Support for scene referred ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, RED and Sony camera color spaces 
  • Precision CIE graph, vectorscope, waveform, and histogram support
  • False color mode to easily spot out of gamut/out of brightness pixels 
  • NIT levels and audio phase metering
  • Line mode to focus a region of interest onto a single horizontal or vertical line
  • File base error logging with timecode
  • Three year warranty

8K/UltraHD2 Analysis

HDR Image Analyzer 12G provides the necessary connectivity to support advanced 8K/UltraHD2 HDR and SDR production monitoring and analysis workflows. 

Providing the same high quality and precision analysis tools available for all other video formats, this powerful analyzer is a smart investment for today's needs as well as ensuring you are ready for tomorrow's.

HDR Monitoring with HDR Image Analyzer 12G

HDR production demands a reliable and predictable tool for monitoring and analyzing all the steps in the process, to ensure that your artistic vision is followed from camera to the end user's final display.

AJA's HDR Image Analyzer 12G ensures that you are fully in control of your technical choices as you capture, pass on and deliver your HDR/SDR materials.

HDR Image Analyzer 12G offers powerful monitoring and analysis for:

  • Live Production
  • DIT Pipelines
  • Broadcast Monitoring
  • Postproduction
  • QC (Quality Control)
  • Final HDR Mastering

HDR Image Analyzer 12G:
Features Spotlight with Colorist Samuel Bilodeau

Colorist Samuel Bilodeau from Mystery Box offers practical and personal insights as a power user of the HDR Image Analyzer from AJA Video Systems. Based on his on-set and in the post suite experiences, he shares his favorite features and why the HDR Image Analyzer is vital to their workflow from end-to-end.

Input Support:
From Cameras to HDR/SDR

Modern cameras are inherently HDR capable with their wide dynamic ranges, and for live events, recording and broadcasts, it’s crucial to monitor their dynamic range and gamut outputs being employed for HDR delivery.

With input support for both leading camera LOG formats as well as SDR, HLG and PQ monitoring from a range of sources, HDR Image Analyzer 12G takes the pain out of HDR monitoring. With a wide range of analysis tools and automatic error logging with timecode stamping, HDR Image Analyzer 12G ensures your production achieves the desired final results.

Camera Support

  • ARRI®
  • Canon®
  • Panasonic®
  • RED®
  • Sony®

Color Gamuts

  • BT.2020
  • BT.709

Dynamic Range Inputs

  • SDR (REC 709) 
  • PQ (ST 2084) 
  • HLG

Video I/O

  • 4x 12G-SDI Bidirectional I/O up to 8K/UltraHD2 60p
  • SDI Auto Signal Detection
  • DisplayPort for UI, up to UltraHD 60p

ACES Support

The Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) is becoming an industry standard for managing color throughout the life cycle of a motion picture or television production. From capture through editing, VFX, mastering, public presentation, archiving and future remastering, ACES ensures a consistent color experience that preserves the creative vision.

HDR Image Analyzer 12G supports an ACES Grading Colorspace and offers ACEScct signal analysis for realtime integration with ACES workflows.

HDR Image Analyzer Overview Video

AJA's HDR Image Analyzer 12G offers an elegant interface for accessing all its powerful setup, monitoring and analysis tools. Watch this video for a full run through of all of HDR Image Analyzer 12G 's key features.

Watch Video

Configurable Layouts

HDR Image Analyzer 12G’s interface provides a quadrant layout for viewing your tools and footage as you work. Quick key shortcuts provide pre-configured common layouts for how your tools and views are presented.

For further customization, you can also choose a particular tool to be shown in any of the quadrants by either right clicking on the quadrant itself and choosing your preferred tool, or by accessing quadrant choices from the Analyzer Mode menu.

Key Tools and Interface Details

Web Interface

HDR Image Analyzer 12G offers a powerful new Web Interface which can be accessed anywhere on a network from any web browser on any OS. 

This allows control from a remote computer and simplifies access when placing HDR Image Analyzer 12G in a rack environment, on set, in facility control rooms, QC departments and more. This further provides the ability to update HDR Image Analyzer 12G remotely and to download logs and screenshots to wherever needed.

Remote Desktop Support

RDP further allows control of a HDR Image Analyzer 12G over a network. Your RDP client presents the Analyzer's GUI in a local window as well as providing keyboard/mouse control. The RDP client computer can be a desktop, laptop or tablet.

HDR Analysis Tools

Included in AJA’s HDR Image Analyzer 12G’s toolsets are waveform, histogram and vectorscope monitoring, plus a host of essential image analysis tools:

  • Automated Color Space switching over SDI for SDR/PQ/HLG
  • Waveform
  • Histogram
  • Vectorscope
  • Color Gamut
  • Nit Light Level
  • Frame average Light Level bar
  • File Based Error Logging with Timecode
  • Data Analyzer with Advanced Pixel Picker
  • Advanced, Out of Gamut and Out of Brightness Detection with Error Tolerance 
  • Out of Gamut MAX warning: Provides notice if color goes outside of P3d65

Camera Log Inputs

HDR Image Analyzer 12G provides direct input for a range of Camera LOG inputs, allowing direct connections from the world’s leading camera manufacturers for immediate analysis of production feeds.

Video Sources

Address your video source setup with quick access from the Video menu. Easy access for setting resolution, colorspace, transport and pixel mapping or use Auto Detect for automatic configuration using the source signal’s VPID.

Choose Setups

Setups can be saved and recalled quickly when moving between projects and tool configurations.

Scene Capture

Scenes can be captured for quick recall and saving to be shared with others for a visual representation of any issues that need to be addressed.

Color Space

Several different color spaces can be utilized for analysis including 709, P3, XYZ and 2020 as well as camera native colorspaces.

HDR Image Analyzer 12G also offers an Auto HDR mode change for automatic HDR color space triggering when possible.

Waveform Lumi Color

HDR Image Analyzer 12G offers a range of views for waveform representations including Waveform Lumi Color. Waveform Lumi Color offers a gorgeous combination of both luminance and colors in the project’s color space.


Vectorscope displays the color saturation of each pixel in the video frame, with the middle of the circle indicating a lower saturation level, and the edge of the circle indicating a higher saturation level.

Vectorscope Targeting

The vectorscope additionally offers a zoom feature and a skin tone line, whose value can be manually set as desired, especially useful for ensuring consistent skin tone results for sequence work and camera matching.


HDR Image Analyzer allows you to set a white point relevant for the project at hand. Choose between DCI, D65 or simply turn off.

CIE XY Gamut View

In HDR mode the CIE XY Gamut View can be used to check the encoded colors, and whether they are within the valid limit of color range. This is relevant when working in the Rec.2020 color space where the actual pixels are supposed to be limited to the P3 color gamut.

False Color – Gamut Warning

Out of Gamut False Color mode provides a clear visual representation of areas of your image that may present a problem. The results can be saved automatically within your logged files for QC needs.

Pixel Picker

Precision is key and HDR Image Analyzer 12G make it simple. Glide your mouse across your footage and use the Pixel Picker to give you a read out of the exact pixels Nit level, Hex or Decimal code values.


HDR Image Analyzer 12G can detect P3 Gamut violations and brightness violations in HDR events and logs them with time stamps in a log file and on screen. Log files can then be collected for sharing with your team as necessary.


Timecode may be overlayed on screen to assist with quickly identifying any areas of concern at particular moments in a sequence or shot.

Audio Metering

An audio level meter is included for up to 16 channels of metered monitoring and display of peak DB levels. An audio phase meter can also be configured to display either 2-Ch (stereo) or 8-Ch (surround) audio. Audio Level Warnings may be set to generate notes into your logs.

Analyzer Gain

Analyzer Gain allows you to increase or decrease the gain put out to your display simplifying your ability to monitor critical items with dark footage in particular.

Footage from “Quantum Flows” courtesy of Nanosys


Working with the HDR Image Analyzer 12G is simple and flexible with its 4x 12G-SDI bidirectional connections.

Connect your sources to one or more of the 12G-SDI connections and loop through to monitors or further in your pipeline with the remaining 12G-SDI connections.

For 8K/UltraHD2 workflows, simply connect your source to all four of the 12G-SDI connections.

Connect an UltraHD display (up to 60p) from a DisplayPort connection for best viewing of both the footage and the HDR Image Analyzer 12G interface - if necessary the DisplayPort can drive an HDMI monitor with a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

View Connections

Extended Features

High raster imagery deserves a high raster interface for keeping a critical eye on your aesthetic elements as you analyze your materials for HDR. HDR Image Analyzer 12G provides pristine imagery and the ability to hone in on the smallest details for an accurate analysis of your materials:

  • High quality, ultra precise UltraHD user interface for native resolution picture display including PQ support for HDR capable displays.
  • The ability to arrange tools at will in the four quadrants of the interface
  • Line Mode: Focus Region of Interest onto a single Horizontal or Vertical line.
  • Still Store.
  • Audio Peak Metering
  • Out of Gamut, Brightness, False Color Mode, Audio Levels, and Phase Metering.

Industry-Leading Support

AJA’s technical support is recognized as among the best in the industry and is available to all AJA customers. If you need assistance with any aspect of your HDR Image Analyzer 12G installation, configuration, operation or encounter any technical issue,  AJA Support will work with you to get up and running.

HDR Image Analyzer 12G is covered by a generous three year warranty. Please see the individual Product’s Manual for additional specifics around warranty conditions for the product itself.

Tech Specs

SDR/HDR Image Analyzer Tool

  • HDR Waveform, Histogram and Vectorscope Monitoring

Video Format

  • (8K) 8192 x 4320p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 47.95, 48, 50, 59.94, 60
  • (UltraHD2) 7680 x 4320p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60
  • (4K) 4096 x 2160p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 47.95, 48, 50, 59.94, 60
  • (UltraHD) 3840 x 2160p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 48, 50, 59.94, 60
  • (2K) 2048 x 1080p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 47.95, 48, 50, 59.94, 60
  • (2K) 2048 x 1080PsF 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30
  • (HD) 1080p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60
  • (HD) 1080PsF 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30
  • (HD) 1080i 50, 59.94, 60
  • (HD) 720p 50, 59.94, 60

Video Input Digital

  • 4x 12G-SDI BNC
  • 12G-SDI, SMPTE-259/292/296/424/425/2081/2082, 12-bit, 10-bit and 8-bit


  • SDI connections are bidirectional
    • 8K/UltraHD2 with 12G-SDI, all four connections must be used for input only
    • 4K/UltraHD with 12G-SDI, input and loop out are simultaneous
    • 4K/UltraHD with 3G-SDI, all four connections must be used for input only
    • 2K/HD, input and loop out are simultaneous


Note: When connections are configured for 12G-SDI or 6G-SDI, only UltraHD2/8K/UltraHD/4K formats are supported.

Audio Input Digital

  • 16-channel 24-bit SDI embedded, 48 kHz synchronous

Audio Output Digital

  • 16-channel 24-bit SDI embedded, 48 kHz synchronous

Computer Monitor Output

  • 4x Display Port Outputs:
    • Up to UltraHD 60p 

Reference Input

  • Signal: Analog video sync (Blackburst or Tri-Level)

Size (w x d x h)

  • 1RU form factor
  • 17.2” x 16.9" x 1.7" (436.88 x 429.26 x 43.18 mm) 


  • 28 lb (12.7kg) in box
  • 18 lb (8.2kg) server only


  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz (Dual, redundant power supplies) 
  • 190W typical, 245W Maximum


  • Safe Operating Temperature: 5 to 35 C (41 to 95 F) 
  • Safe Storage Temperature (Power OFF): -40 to 60 C (-40 to 140 F) 
  • Operating Relative Humidity: 8-90% noncondensing 
  • Non Operating Relative Humidity: 5-95% noncondensing