Product News

New Update Available for AJA BRIDGE NDI 3G (March 21, 2023)

AJA today released v1.7 software for its popular BRIDGE NDI 3G gateway device for conversion between 3G-SDI and NDI for HD and 4K/UltraHD workflows. Download it today from the AJA support page for an improved experience. More information is available in the release notes.

AJA Rolls Out ColorBox 1.0.1 (March 16, 2023)

Available today as a free download from AJA’s support page, ColorBox v1.0.1 firmware includes new improvements that users can now access. AJA encourages all ColorBox customers to update to the latest firmware. For more details, please read the release notes.  


AJA Advances Mini-Converter Line with Mini-Config v2.26.5 (February 28, 2023)

AJA today released Mini-Config v2.26.5 firmware, which introduces 4K/2K 48/47.95 frame rate support for AJA’s popular 12GM, HA5-12G, HA5-4K, Hi5-12G, and Hi5-4K-Plus Mini-Converters, among several other new improvements for the AJA Mini-Converter family. Additional enhancements include expanded EDID support for the HA5-12G, an A/V offset control for the FS-Mini and UDC, a new Mini-Config icon graphic and splash page design, and more. To ensure optimal performance, AJA recommends all customers download the free update today.


AJA Releases Desktop Software v16.2.3 (February 7, 2023)

AJA KONA, Io, and T-TAP users can now download Desktop Software v16.2.3 here. This free software update delivers new improvements for AJA’s most popular desktop and mobile I/O solutions. New enhancements include support for Apple ProRes capture and playback on Apple Mac Studio computers. Other great new additions in the update include ProRes capture and playback performance improvements across all Apple Mac computers (M1, M2, & Intel), 10-bit PQ YUV HDR support from AJA Control Room and Adobe Premiere Pro, and the ability to select reference format from AJA Control Panel during Avid Media Composer and ProTools startup.


AJA Delivers New BRIDGE NDI 3G Improvements (February 2, 2023)

AJA today released BRIDGE NDI 3G v1.6, a new update for the popular, high-density HD and 4K/UltraHD gateway device for conversion between NDI and SDI. Available as a free download from the AJA support page, the update introduces support for NDI v5.5, NDIFrameSync, and SD 525i and 625i. AJA recommends all users upgrade to the latest firmware. Read the release notes to learn more.

AJA Launches BRIDGE LIVE 1.13.4 Update (January 17, 2023)

Now available, the AJA BRIDGE LIVE v1.13.4 software update brings new improvements to the multi-channel UltraHD (UHD) and HD live video solution for remote production, contribution, collaboration, streaming, and delivery. AJA encourages all users to download the update today from AJA’s support page.


Now Available: AJA FS-HDR v4.1.2 (January 10, 2023)

AJA today launched v4.1.2 firmware for the FS-HDR real-time HDR/WCG converter and frame synchronizer, bringing new enhancements. The free update is available to download here.

AJA Unveils FS4 v3.0.1 Firmware (January 10, 2023)

AJA FS4 v3.0.1 firmware is now available for download and delivers new improvements for the four-channel 2K/HD/SD or single-channel 4K/UltraHD frame synchronizer and up/down/cross-converter. Download the free update here.

Available Now: HELO Plus v1.0.3 (November 22, 2022)

AJA v1.0.3 firmware is now available for the HELO Plus H.264 streaming and recording device. The free update delivers new feature improvements and is available for download here.

AJA Releases New Firmware for openGear Cards (October 27, 2022)

AJA rolled out new firmware updates for its popular OG-Hi5-4K-Plus, OG-HA5-4K, and OG-12GM openGear cards, which meet an expansive range of signal conversion needs spanning broadcast, production, post, and live events. Available today as free downloads from AJA’s support page, OG-Hi5-4K-Plus v1.7.4, OG-HA5-4K v1.7.2, and OG-12GM v1.3.3 firmware updates deliver new improvements to users. 

With the latest updates, AJA’s OG-Hi5-4K-Plus 3G-SDI to HDMI 2.0 conversion card gains new 12-bit SDI workflow support and performance enhancements for HDMI syncs, while the OG-HA5-4K 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD HDMI 2.0 to 3G-SDI conversion card now enables EDID (extended display identification data) to report 2-channel support for non-PCM audio. OG-12GM also receives new enhancements. 

Learn more about AJA’s full range of openGear solutions here

Now Available: BRIDGE LIVE v1.13.2 (October 26, 2022)

AJA today released BRIDGE LIVE v1.13.2, a new update that expands NDI capabilities and introduces new performance enhancements for AJA’s multi-channel UltraHD (UHD) and HD live video solution for remote production, contribution, collaboration, streaming, and delivery. BRIDGE LIVE v1.13.2 adds new features to simplify streaming workflows, including support for NDI discovery servers and NDI groups, enabled 4K NDI output at 60fps, new MBAFF H.264 interlace detection capabilities, and expanded NDI input support for more than 100 sources.

Learn more in our BRIDGE LIVE v1.13.2 announcement, and download the update on AJA’s support page.

AJA Releases Ki Pro Ultra 12G v2.6 (October 4, 2022)

AJA today launched Ki Pro Ultra 12G v2.6, a free firmware update for its 12G-SDI 4K/UltraHD/HD recorder/player and multi-channel HD recorder featuring new enhancements. Read the release notes for more details and download the update today via AJA’s support page

Available Now: AJA HELO Plus v1.0.2 (September 27, 2022)

AJA today released v1.0.2 software for its HELO Plus H.264 streaming and recording device, which includes new improvements that address user feedback from the field, including the ability to retrieve a single parameter value via the REST API.

Read the release notes for more details and download the free update here


AJA Unveils ColorBox (September 1, 2022)

AJA today debuted ColorBox, a portable, high-performance device with unprecedented inline algorithmic color transforms and LUT processing capabilities delivering precise and accurate color space conversions for live broadcast, live events, on-set production and post production. ColorBox enables a range of HDR and SDR conversions and allows DITs and colorists to easily load, modify, and save looks, and create reference images for dailies to ensure color accuracy across all production stakeholders and creative vendors. 

ColorBox arrives as more productions are standardizing on 4K/UltraHD HDR, with color and LUT management proving essential to creating and achieving looks for live and scripted content. Designed to support a wide range of look management approaches on-set and in live production environments, ColorBox features 12G-SDI in/out and HDMI 2.0 out for up to 4K/UltraHD 60p 10-bit YCbCr 4:2:2 and 30p 12-bit RGB 4:4:4 signal support. ColorBox includes AJA Color Pipeline Mode with a 33-point 3D LUT processor with tetrahedral LUT interpolation, four built-in user-configurable 1D LUTs, and two 3x3 user-configurable matrices. ColorBox users also benefit from a built-in RGB color corrector and ProcAmp, extensive LUT, matrices and image libraries, powerful capture and recall capabilities, ancillary (ANC) metadata management, and more. All of this is easily controlled via an integrated web browser-based interface.

In total, ColorBox offers five Modes with one active at any given time.

- AJA Color Pipeline

- Colorfront

- ORION-CONVERT(Optional license - watermarked preview)

- BBC HLG LUT (Optional license - watermarked preview)


ColorBox packs ultra low-latency, high-density 4K/UltraHD processing into a portable device with a robust feature set of SDR/HDR/WCG color transforms for many applications. Extensive frame capturing features include pre-processed image capture or post-processed output capture for reference stills with overlaid metadata, such as video payload ID’s, pipeline configuration, and customizable user text.  These frame captures can be saved locally and exported to the configuration PC running the web browser-based ColorBox user interface. 

For more information, view the press release.

AJA Diskover Media Edition Gains LucidLink Support (September 1, 2022)

AJA and LucidLink have partnered to introduce cloud object-based storage support, further streamlining cloud workflows and enabling users to access AWS buckets akin to using on-premises storage. AJA Diskover Media Edition is now able to add captured data to its global index, while simultaneously sharing data with Telestream GLIM for review and Vantage for transcoding in the cloud. As production data is added and tracked, users can utilize materials in real-time for editing and more – as if the workflow was local.  

Read the press release for more details. 

Now Available: Mini-Config v2.26.4 (August 2, 2022)

AJA has released Mini-Config v2.26.4, a free software update for AJA’s line of Mini-Converters that delivers several user-requested enhancements for AJA HA5-12G, HA5-4K, HA5-Plus, HA5-Fiber, Hi5-12G, Hi5-4K-Plus, 4K2HD, 12G-AM, and 12G-AMA Mini-Converters. 

With the latest release, HA5-12G and HA5-4K gain input signal preprocessing controls, allowing professionals to accept sources with high jitter. All HA5-12G Mini-Converters now also support 12-bit SDI output, include Genlock controls for “HDMI In” and “Free Run” selections, and automatically mute the SDI output if no valid signal is detected on the HDMI cable or if it is removed. 

A new simple Frame Rate Converter (FRC) in HA5-Plus and HA5-Fiber Mini-Converters leverages a frame drop/frame repeat methodology to convert integer input video frame rates to non-integer (e.g. p60 to p59.94) or non-integer to integer (e.g. p59.94 to p60). EDID Emulation further allows users to specify a video format for the EDID, and the information is then sent to the source video device. This feature can indicate whether YCbCr formats are supported as well as the number of supported audio channels (2 or 8).  

12G-AM and 12G-AMA now feature a 1.5G-SDI Internal Signal Generator, allowing the embedder path to function without the need to connect a source to the SDI Input, while HDR and Colorimetry metadata for these Mini-Converters are also now accessible in Mini-Config.

AJA Hi5-12G and Hi5-4K-Plus now also support 12-bit workflows.

Read more about the updates in our latest AJA Mini-Config v2.26.4 announcement. To download the update, click here.

AJA Releases OG-DANTE-12GAM Software v1.2.9/Firmware v1.2.2 (June 28, 2022)

AJA today released v1.2.9 software/v1.2.2 firmware for its openGear OG-DANTE-12GAM Dante audio embedder/disembedder, with dual 12G-SDI input and output ports providing up to 32-channels of audio embedding and 32-channels of disembedding simultaneously. 

The update is available as a free download from AJA’s support page.

AJA BRIDGE LIVE v1.13 Launches (June 14, 2022)

Today, AJA released the latest feature-rich software update for its multi-channel UltraHD and HD live video solution for remote production, contribution, collaboration, streaming, and delivery. BRIDGE LIVE v1.13 advances multi-camera workflows across a pair or multiple units, with new multi-channel synchronous transport for SDI backhaul or cloud contribution, enabling separate UltraHD or HD channels to be transmitted and received in sync. It also provides dual-channel UltraHD support to enable full bi-directional UltraHD exchange, and multichannel end-to-end HDR support over SDI to preserve full image parameters during transport from site-to-site.

For a refresh on the latest improvements in the release, read our original BRIDGE LIVE v1.13 announcement, and download the free update today from the AJA website.

Now Available: Desktop Software v16.2.2 (June 14, 2022)

AJA today released Desktop Software v16.2.2 for its line of Io, KONA, and T-TAP products, which includes new improvements. The free update is available for download from AJA’s support page.

AJA Releases Ki Pro GO v4.3.0 (May 19, 2022)

AJA Ki Pro GO v4.3.0 is now available. To access the improvements in the release, visit the AJA support page and download the update today. 

Now Available: AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G v2.5r2 (May 19, 2022)

A new update is available with feature enhancements for AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G. Download v2.5r2 firmware today from the AJA support page.

AJA Debuts HELO Plus (April 20, 2022)

AJA today extended its line of H.264 streaming and recording devices with the debut of HELO Plus. Portable and feature-rich, HELO Plus offers the same flexible streaming and recording advantages as the extremely popular HELO, with a vastly expanded feature set inspired by user feedback. Offering powerful new production capabilities, HELO Plus features dual streaming outputs and multi-input processing; SRT support; advanced encoding/decoding; improved scheduling options and device operation; layouts and graphics insertion; and more.

Designed to help video professionals achieve a higher production value with greater cost efficiency and a smaller gear footprint, HELO Plus includes a range of standout features. Dual streaming outputs allow users to create assets with different parameter settings per output (bit rate, GOP length, frame rate, picture geometry, b-frame cadence, etc.), and feed each into one of two destinations, so that they can easily create assets with different parameter settings from a single input. HELO Plus users can also opt to select either of the device’s two encoders to drive USB, SD card, or NAS recording, so that it can include the output of the layout.

A new “Layouts” feature affords users a near-endless array of production possibilities, allowing an SDI input and HDMI input to be combined into a single output stream and add graphic overlays to the composite. Each live video source can be used in its own picture-in-picture (“PiP”) element and placed in their own PiP locations, with a matte background plus a graphic being used as a foreground element for titles and more. Users can then seamlessly move between layouts during a streaming session. Ten layouts are stored per preset, with 20 presets available, so set parameters can be recalled for specific events. A built-in graphics framestore enables storage of more than 90 images in the device’s internal memory, while a built-in scheduler makes it easy to schedule independent recording/streaming events ahead of an event. A complement to AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G and Ki Pro GO recorders, HELO Plus can also participate in a Ki Pro “Group,” acting as a follower device that starts and stops streaming and/or recording upon group leader command. Alternatively, the HELO Plus can act as the Leader and Ki Pros can be set to follow, or the HELO Plus can act as leader or follower to a group of HELO Plus devices.

More information is available in the press release and on the AJA website.

AJA Unveils New openGear® 12G-SDI to Fiber Converters (April 20, 2022)

AJA has bolstered its production-proven lineup of openGear® compatible 12G-SDI to fiber conversion solutions with two new OG-FiDO 12G transmitters. The dual-channel OG-FiDO-2T-12G and single-channel OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST single-mode fiber transmitters support HDR video, feature industry-wide compatibility with certified openGear products, and support Ross DashBoard software for remote control and monitoring.

OG-FiDO-2T-12G is a dual-channel 12G-SDI to fiber transmitter, supporting the conversion of two independent channels of baseband 12G-SDI to LC fiber for transport of signals up to 10km. OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST supports single-channel 12G-SDI to fiber conversion, enabling the transport of a single 12G-SDI baseband signal over ST fiber for remote or long-distance workflows.

AJA OG-FiDO 12G cards offer unmatched flexibility and cost-efficiency for 12G-SDI to fiber conversion, enabling single-cable simplicity for long cable runs up to 10km. OG-FiDO-2T-12G and OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST are fully compatible with all certified openGear products, including AJA’s OG-X-FR 2RU rackframe with capacity for up to 20 slots per frame. Both OG-FiDO models are hot swappable, support HDR, and feature automatic input signal detection and reclocking. Support for Ross DashBoard on Windows®, macOS®, or Linux® offers convenient monitoring and control over a local network or remotely. 

View the press release for more details, and find additional information about AJA’s full lineup of openGear solutions on the website.



AJA Delivers FS4 Upgrades with v3.0 Firmware (April 20, 2022)

AJA today released new v3.0 firmware for its FS4 4K/UltraHD and multi-channel HD frame synchronizer and up/down/cross converter. Loaded with new feature improvements, the free update offers support for advanced HDR workflows, including the ability to configure the HDR components of the SDI output VPID on a channel-by-channel basis – vital for improved VPID management – and new HDR test patterns. FS4 v3.0 also increases the frame buffering depth from 6 to 20 frames, offers enhanced ancillary data management, and features improved overall usability.

Download the update from AJA’s website, and read the press release for full details.


AJA Announces BRIDGE LIVE v1.13 (April 20, 2022)

AJA today announced BRIDGE LIVE v1.13, a feature-rich software update for its multi-channel UltraHD and HD live video solution for remote production, contribution, collaboration, streaming, and delivery. For multi-camera workflows across a pair or multiple units, BRIDGE LIVE v1.13 introduces new multi-channel synchronous transport for SDI backhaul or cloud contribution, enabling separate UltraHD or HD channels to be transmitted and received in sync. The update also adds dual-channel UltraHD support to enable full bi-directional UltraHD exchange, and multichannel end-to-end HDR support over SDI to preserve full image parameters during transport from site-to-site.

View full details in the announcement, and download the update on AJA’s website.


AJA Introduces BRIDGE NDI 3G v1.5 with NDI® 5 Support (April 20, 2022)

AJA released a new v1.5 update for BRIDGE NDI 3G, which brings new NDI® 5 support and a host of performance enhancements to AJA’s high-performance gateway appliance for high-density conversion to/from SDI and NewTek’s NDI® video over IP protocol. Feature enhancements include discovery server compatibility, new low-latency settings for time critical workflows, timecode support, expanded system time options, and dynamic connection bandwidth sensing for remote management.

Read the press release to learn more, and visit AJA’s website to download the update.

AJA Releases Diskover Media Edition v2.0 (April 20, 2022)

AJA today unveiled AJA Diskover Media Edition v2.0, the first update for its data management software that allows media and entertainment professionals to easily search, find, and analyze media assets and associated metadata from on-premises, remote, and cloud storage – aggregating associated metadata into a unified global index. The free update includes new plug-ins for the Telestream GLIM remote media player, helping creative professionals quickly preview media files in high resolution with color accuracy via any web browser, and for the Telestream Vantage media processing platform to simplify media transcoding and generating proxy files and deliverable packages. Diskover Media Edition v2.0 also adds security enhancements to safeguard assets and streamline file searches.

Find full details in the press release, and download the update via AJA’s website.


New AJA openGear Firmware Streamlines HDR Workflows (April 12, 2022)

New feature-rich firmware updates for OG-Hi5-4K-Plus, OG-HA5-4K, OG-4K2HD, and OG-12GM openGear cards are available to download today courtesy of the AJA development team. The releases build on AJA’s latest Mini-Config v2.26.3 software update, and bring powerful new enhancements like HDR VPID pass-through, BT.2020 and dual-link support, Dolby Audio compatibility, and more to select openGear products. 

OG-Hi5-4K-Plus v1.6.2, OG-HA5-4K v1.6.2, OG-4K2HD v1.5.2 and OG-12GM v1.2.2 are designed to help production professionals maintain the integrity of signals and better manage associated metadata as they move throughout the production chain. The updates arrive as HDR is evolving into a production standard, requiring more metadata from SDR and HDR equipment to be carried throughout the chain. Included VPID metadata pass-through for each openGear card with optional override functionality helps reduce the opportunity for color and brightness errors during this process. It automates HDR metadata pass-through, so that upstream equipment can more easily generate HDR metadata and pass it to downstream equipment, without having it stripped or manually configured along the way. New automatic infoframe generation, and custom HDMI metadata and mastering display information generation for HDMI outputs also streamline the movement of metadata between SDI and HDMI equipment for simpler workflows and troubleshooting. OG-Hi5-4K-Plus and OG-HA5-4K also gain additional HDR capabilities with color space converter support for BT.2020.

With the latest firmware, OG-Hi5-4K-Plus v1.6.2 can now also preserve embedded audio pass-through for Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus compressed audio – including DD+ Atmos immersive sound. This allows professionals to monitor and validate that the immersive audio being produced is reaching end viewers, which will be crucial as consumer adoption of Dolby Atmos audio sound systems continues to drive more use of immersive audio technology in the field. In addition to immersive audio upgrades, the firmware introduces dual-link support for 2x 1.5G outputs to OG-HA5-4K, and 2x 6G, 2x 3G, and 2x 1.5G input and output format support to OG-12GM. 

Learn more about the new firmware in our announcement and to download the updates, visit AJA’s Support Page

AJA Releases U-TAP v1.5.6 (April 12, 2022)

New improvements have arrived for AJA U-TAP USB 3.0-powered capture devices via AJA U-TAP v1.5.6. Available today as a free download from AJA’s support page, the update brings U-TAP SDI users PsF support, including (HD) 1080 PsF 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 – advancing support for Sony, Panasonic, and Canon SDI equipment. With the release, U-TAP now changes the device name to start with AJA U-TAP Video or AJA U-TAP Audio for both U-TAP SDI and HDMI devices, making it easier to set up and manage the devices within compatible software. The update also includes support for Windows 11 and macOS Monterey. 

For more information about U-TAP, visit: or

Now Available: AJA Ki Pro GO v4.0 (March 31, 2022)

AJA today released v4.0 firmware for its Ki Pro GO multi-channel H.264 recorder. The free update brings users greater flexibility in the field with enhancements such as the ability to play back .mp4 files originating from third-party applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve. Additional improvements include the option to set each device to generate 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 B-frames individually on each channel, and new alarm choices that also ensure more seamless setup and operation across production, post, and proAV environments.

For a complete overview of improvements in AJA Ki Pro GO v4.0, read the press release. To download the update, click here

New from AJA: KUMO v4.7 (February 24, 2022)

AJA KUMO customers can now download v4.7 firmware and benefit from new improvements. The update is available today as a free download from AJA’s support page.


AJA Releases Mini-Config v2.26.3 (February 8, 2022)

A new Mini-Config v2.26.3 software update for AJA’s Mini-Converter line is now available as a free download from AJA’s website and brings powerful new functionality to a range of AJA Mini-Converters. The release boasts basic HDR metadata pass-through for Hi5-12G, Hi5-4K-Plus, HA5-12G, HA5-4K, 4K2HD, and 12GM; dual-link capabilities for 12GM; and Dolby audio support for Hi5-12G and Hi5-4K-Plus, among other enhancements. 

AJA encourages users to download the update today, which simplifies HDR pipelines and offers more consistent results with the addition of HDR metadata pass-through and optional override functionality for Hi5-12G, Hi5-4K-Plus, HA5-12G, HA5-4K, 4K2HD and 12GM, plus new HDMI HDR Infoframe generation for 4K2HD. With the update, Hi5-12G, HA5-12G, HA5-4K, and Hi5-4K Plus also gain support for BT.2020 color space, as well as an enhanced Mini-Config GUI to show HDR input and output status, and an HDR metadata override tab in Mini-Config. With the release, dual-link SDI capabilities are also now available for 12GM, including 2x 1.5G, 2x 3G, 2x 6G for inputs and outputs, and HA5-4K, including 2x 1.5G output. It also adds Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio pass-through support for Hi5-12G and Hi5-4K Plus.

For more details, check out the release notes and download the update today here


AJA Unleashes Io X3 (February 3, 2022)

AJA today launched Io X3, a Thunderbolt™ 3-connected professional video and audio I/O device offering HDR or SDR 2K/HD/SD capture and output via 3G-SDI and HDMI. The compact, rugged, and portable device streamlines high-quality HDR I/O up to 2K/HD 60p on compatible Thunderbolt™ 3-equipped Mac or PC hosts running professional video and audio applications. 

Io X3 provides an incredibly powerful mobile solution for single-, dual-, and multi-channel SDI workflows whether working remotely, on-set, or in a studio. It delivers pristine 2K/HD/SD I/O with HDR directly from Thunderbolt 3 enabled modern laptops and desktop computers. Lightning-fast, flexible, and whisper-quiet, the device is an ideal capture and output solution for nearly any production environment, including high-end color grading, audio mixing, on-set monitoring, or playback, remote editorial and VFX. It includes four independent inputs for workflows with OBS and Wirecast, and simultaneous MultiView monitoring for each source, making it a perfect match for live streaming demands.

Eight switchable analog audio ports via a DB25 port are integrated into the device so that users can easily shift between eight channels in or out, or split connectivity between four inputs and four outputs. A 3.5mm stereo analog audio connection is also included, allowing users to plug headphones in directly. Io X3 devices are compact and rackmountable and fit easily side by side into a rack, allowing users to benefit from up to eight channels of up to 2K/HD/SD I/O in 1RU.

For more details, read our press release.

AJA Introduces Desktop Software and SDK v16.2 (February 3, 2022)

AJA today unveiled Desktop Software v16.2 for all KONA, Io, and T-TAP Pro products, in addition to AJA SDK v16.2 for Developer Partners. This feature-rich release introduces a wide range of workflow enhancements, including support for macOS Monterey and Windows 11, OBS Studio compatibility, support for the new Io X3, and more.

Desktop Software v16.2 enables greater flexibility and more accurate, vivid 4K/UltraHD color workflows, courtesy of new 12-bit, 4:4:4, RGB firmware for KONA 5 and Corvid 44 12G, with support for a full 12-bit pipeline across capture to color space conversion and output. This functionality is backed by an upgrade to the .cube format for all 12-bit and 10-bit LUT capabilities, bringing greater compatibility between AJA hardware and third-party color and mastering applications. Workflow options with included AJA Control Room software are expanded through the addition of H.264 and H.265 capture and playback up to 2K/HD 60p, including Timecode and Closed Captioning support, and further provide seamless compatibility with mobile devices, PCs, and AJA Ki Pro GO media. This release also includes new deep memory buffer capabilities for Control Room to maintain steady and pristine playback in the event that storage or network bottlenecks interrupt the flow of data from storage to the video output host. With the introduction of Io X3, a new MultiView feature allows up to four incoming SDI sources to be monitored on a single external HDMI monitor, providing a confidence view for multi-channel workflows with OBS Studio and Telestream Wirecast.

In addition to the traditional AJA Developer Program enrollment, AJA’s world-class SDK v16.2 is also now available via Open Source, offering multiple options for developers looking to incorporate powerful AJA technologies into product design and development.

For more information, read the press release on AJA’s website.

AJA Releases FS-HDR v4.1.1 (November 18, 2021)

AJA has released new v4.1.1 firmware for its FS-HDR real-time HDR/WCG converter. Download the free update today for output VPID and ancillary data improvements, plus more here.

Now Available: AJA FS2 v2.1.3 and v3.0.4 (November 18, 2021)

AJA today announced that new improvements are available to AJA FS2 users via FS2 v2.1.3 or v3.0.4 firmware, dependent on the particular hardware of your unit. The free updates are accessible as quick and simple downloads from AJA’s support page

AJA Releases OG-DANTE-12GAM Firmware v1.2 (November 9, 2021)

Available today as a free download, v1.2 firmware for the AJA OG-DANTE-12GAM introduces new improvements that provide professionals with greater flexibility in the field. New to the release are on-board SDI signal generators that allow users to extend Dante audio over coaxial cabling up to 200m without requiring SDI source signals.

These on-board SDI signal generators create a 1.5G SDI signal, eliminating the need for an incoming SDI video source when moving a Dante digital audio source over SDI. Users can also tap into the new functionality to deploy a pair of OG-DANTE-12GAM cards to feed Dante audio from a non-SDI environment into a TV production environment. There is an independent generator for both channels with support for 720p50, 720p59, 1080i50 and 1080i59 formats, and the feature includes three selectable static test patterns.

Download the update here.

AJA Releases KUMO Firmware v4.6.2 (November 8, 2021)

AJA has released v4.6.2 firmware for its KUMO line of routers. The free update includes new performance enhancements and can be downloaded here today.  

AJA Debuts BRIDGE NDI 3G for NDI/SDI Conversion (October 27, 2021)

AJA today launched BRIDGE NDI 3G, a sleek, high-performance 1RU appliance that enables reliable, high density, and high quality conversion to/from SDI and NewTek’s NDI® video over IP protocol. The flexible gateway device supports multi-channel 4K and HD workflows and is designed to help broadcast, production and AV professionals move seamlessly between various platforms, protocols, and connectivity types.

BRIDGE NDI 3G packs a punch with dual 10GigE onboard NICs for NDI I/O, as well as high-density SDI connections for up to 16 channels of 3G-SDI I/O – offering up to four channels of 4K or 16-channels of HD, or a mixture of HD and 4K NDI encodes/decodes in a compact 1RU form-factor. The device boasts an intuitive interface and system administration screen that make it simple to get BRIDGE NDI 3G up, running, and configured quickly and securely. Using a standard web browser, technicians, engineers, operators, and producers can access the interface remotely to preview and manage content, including local monitoring preferences. Operators are also able to freely browse, favorite, label, and filter a large volume of NDI sources on the network, as well as label any SDI inputs or outputs, and see all I/O activity at any given time.  

For more information, read our announcement.

AJA Announces T-TAP Pro Compatibility with Autodesk Flame (October 13, 2021)

AJA today announced T-TAP Pro support for Autodesk’s Flame Family of VFX and creative finishing tools – now available in new v2022.2 releases from Autodesk.

New T-TAP Pro compatibility extends high-quality video monitoring and output from Autodesk® Flame®, Flame Assist and Flare™ workflows on compatible macOS workstations. Whether delivering VFX, 3D compositing, color grading or editorial finishing in Flame, T-TAP Pro offers streamlined Thunderbolt™ 3-connected monitoring and output of high-quality HDR and HFR video up to 12-bit RGB 4K/UltraHD over 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 on supported Apple Mac desktop or MacBook Pro laptop computers.

For more information, visit AJA’s website.

New: AJA Support for Broadcast Video Out in Microsoft Teams (October 13, 2021)

AJA has announced a collaboration with Microsoft that delivers AJA KONA 5, Io 4K Plus, and T-TAP Pro support for the new Broadcast Video Out feature in Microsoft Teams. Using the new feature with an approved AJA I/O device, live production and AV professionals can easily output high-quality SDI and HDMI audio and video streams of on-the-ground reporters, interviewees, or events in remote locations and seamlessly weave the broadcast grade footage into live productions. 

Once Broadcast Video Out support is enabled by an administrator and the AJA I/O device is connected, AJA users can simply click on the permissions tab in Microsoft Teams, turn on broadcast capabilities, then select “Broadcast Video Out” for the connected AJA device to receive the video signal. A host of timing, resolutions, and frame rates are available to choose from, and once the settings are established, the user can then feed the signal out through the AJA device via SDI and HDMI to ensure a broadcast-quality signal can be fed to routers, recorders, or other production equipment.

For more details about the new integration, read our press release

AJA Unveils AJA Diskover Media Edition Software (October 12, 2021)

AJA has taken a proactive equity stake in data analytics software developer Diskover Data and simultaneously launched AJA Diskover Media Edition. The new software has open-source roots and lets media and entertainment professionals (M&E) easily search, find, and analyze media asset data originating from on-premises, remote, and cloud storage – aggregating associated metadata into a unified global index. Users can tap into its expansive feature set to make more informed data decisions, a crucial capability as the M&E industry is on track to create more data in the next three years than it has in the last three decades.

AJA Diskover Media Edition is designed to serve a range of M&E professionals, from executives to systems administrators, IT managers, operational personnel, creatives and beyond. Via an easy-to-use web browser interface, users can easily index hundreds of petabytes of data and more to quickly locate files, analyze them, and pinpoint misallocated resources. By helping to identify wasted storage space, aging and unused files, data changes, and more, the software can ultimately save companies time and money.

It can also be tapped to harvest data to add business context and insights to files that can inform data decisions and business processes and streamline workflows. Custom plug-ins address the specific needs of M&E professionals around the world, regardless of the physical or virtual platforms utilized to store media content, and users can easily discover and present data in a master index, while generating reports and cost analysis to a range of roles across productions or enterprises. 

To learn more about how AJA Diskover Media Edition can benefit your data storage pipeline today, read about the key feature highlights in our latest announcement

AJA Releases Ki Pro Ultra 12G v2.5 (October 7, 2021)

Ki Pro Ultra 12G v2.5 firmware is available today as a free download from AJA’s support page. For an improved user experience, AJA recommends downloading the update here

Now Available: BRIDGE LIVE v1.12 with NDI® Support (September 14, 2021)

Today AJA released v1.12 software for BRIDGE LIVE, a turnkey multi-channel live video solution for remote production, contribution, collaboration, streaming, and delivery. The update brings bi-directional NDI® (Network Device Interface) input, output, and transcode, making it AJA’s first NDI-enabled product. Additional improvements include HLS output; video preview; and user interface updates for more intuitive configuration. 

BRIDGE LIVE v1.12 marks AJA’s second major software update for the device since its launch at the end of 2020. A feature-packed release, it addresses key customer requests with the aim of streamlining operations and providing greater workflow flexibility in the field, whether facilitating remote production, two-way interviews, live event streaming, multi-cam backhaul, field contribution, program return, confidence monitoring, collaborative production, or ABR ladder profiles to hand-off for OTT packaging.

BRIDGE LIVE v1.12 is available now for download from AJA’s website. The latest update comes standard with all newly purchased BRIDGE LIVE units and is also available to existing users with an active maintenance agreement. Customers without a maintenance agreement can access bug fixes within v1.12 but will not receive new feature access. 

For a deep dive on the new feature additions, check out our press release. To download the update, click here.

AJA Releases Ki Pro Ultra v3.6 (August 25, 2021)

AJA has released a free v3.6 maintenance update for Ki Pro Ultra, which adds a fix for enhanced audio recording when capturing more than eight channels of audio in DNx format. Download Ki Pro Ultra v3.6 today on AJA’s website

AJA Releases Ki Pro GO v3.2 (August 3, 2021)

Now available as a free download from AJA’s Support Page, Ki Pro GO v3.2 brings new performance enhancements to the multi-channel H.264 recorder.

For more details about Ki Pro GO, to read the release notes, or to download the latest update, visit:

AJA Delivers Desktop Software and SDK v16.1 (July 28, 2021)

AJA today released Desktop Software v16.1 for KONA, Io, and T-TAP Pro products, alongside AJA SDK v16.1 for Developer Partners. Both releases deliver native support for the powerful Apple®  M1 chip, among other improvements. This update allows AJA KONA, Io, and T-TAP Pro users and Developer Partners to harness the power and cost-efficiency of Apple M1-compatible systems for professional video I/O tasks, in addition to existing support for Intel-based systems from Apple, as well as Windows, Linux Ubuntu and Linux CentOS systems.

For AJA KONA, Io, and T-TAP Pro users, Desktop Software v16.1 also expands the available options in AJA MultiChannel Config, enabling 12G-/6G-SDI input support as well as extended audio input support for AJA KONA, Io, and T-TAP Pro products with Telestream Wirecast. The included AJA Control Panel also now provides additional GUI feedback for situations where “Auto” has resulted in signal modification, allowing creatives and technicians to better understand results.

AJA SDK v16.1 also brings AJA Developer Partners a host of new improvements, including access to V4L2 updates for KONA HDMI that bring expanded controls for solutions using Video for Linux, as well as 64-channel audio support for NTV2 SDK, providing more flexibility 8K workflow solutions built with Corvid 44 12G or KONA 5.    

Complete details are available in our press release. Desktop Software v16.1 can be downloaded for free from the AJA support page. To access AJA SDK v16.1, log on to the AJA Developer Partner support site

AJA Announces openGear® Compatible 12G-SDI Fiber Converters (July 7, 2021)

AJA has expanded its lineup of openGear® compatible 12G-SDI Fiber Converters with two new OG-FiDO 12G cards for receiving signals over LC Fiber or ST Fiber and converting those signals to baseband 12G-SDI. The OG-FiDO-R-12G-ST receiver is a single-channel converter for Single Mode ST Fiber conversion to 12G-SDI. For dual-channel conversion, the OG-FiDO-2R-12G receiver offers two independent channels of LC Fiber to 12G-SDI conversion.

AJA’s OG-FiDO 12G cards offer unmatched flexibility and cost efficiency for Fiber to 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI conversion, supporting extended cable runs (up to 10km) over standard single-mode ST or LC Fiber optic cable.

For more information, visit AJA’s website.

AJA openGear® Card Firmware Updates Now Available (July 7, 2021)

AJA has released a collection of new firmware updates for select AJA openGear card models, including OG-ROI-HDMI, OG-ROI-DVI, OG-ROI-SDI, OG-HA5-4K and OG-12GM.

OG-ROI-HDMI v1.3.2, OG-ROI-DVI v1.3.2 and OG-HA5-4K v1.5.3 introduce Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) emulation, enabling the user to specify the desired video format to the connected HDMI source. Simple frame rate conversion capabilities from p60 to p59.94 and p59.94 to p60 have also been added to OG-HA5-4K and OG-12GM. For the latest audio workflows, OG-HA5-4K v1.5.3 adds support for embedded audio pass-through of Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus compressed audio, including Dolby Digital Plus JOC (joint object coding) for immersive audio. The new OG-12GM v1.1.2 firmware update also introduces PsF support for inputs and outputs. Additionally, OG-ROI-SDI v1.2.1 adds a fix for enhanced performance.

Visit AJA’s website to download the updates, and find additional details in the press release.

AJA Releases FS4 v2.0.2 Update (June 23, 2021)

FS4 v2.0.2 is now available, a free firmware update for AJA’s 4-channel 2K/HD/SD or 1-channel 4K/UltraHD frame sync and converter. FS4 v2.0.2 introduces a key fix for enhanced performance and is available as a free download from AJA’s website.