AJA System Test

AJA System Test

Accurately Test Your System Performance

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AJA System Test


AJA System Test is included in retail software downloads for KONA, Io and T-TAP products, and is used throughout the industry to provide accurate and detailed evaluations of drive performance statistics. This information allows users to predict the capabilities of any drive system for recording and playing back various resolutions and codecs.

Note: The downloads for System Test Lite v16.0 from this page are for the Apple Store and Windows standalone versions of System Test.

Fine-tune Drive Performance

Perform a speed test of any drive, including network mapped drives, to give you insight into the read/write performance and overall throughput of the system. The information provided by AJA System Test allows you to refine and tune drive speeds and system performance to provide the bandwidth necessary for the demands of production and postproduction.

Graphical Interface

System Test clearly displays the current test results as well as configuration information in an easy-to-use graphical interface. Pulldown menus allow you to quickly choose what type of test to run, which drive to evaluate, the video size and frame rate as well as overall file size and any connected video device.

PCIe Testing

In addition to disk performance, the full version of System Test (included in the full  Desktop software downloads) can also evaluate your PCIe bandwidth to determine if your system configuration can support various data rates to PCIe-based I/O devices. With larger image formats, PCIe performance is becoming more critical and System Test gives you visibility into your systems performance throughout the entire image delivery pipeline.

Detailed Results

Choose to display your results as MB/sec or FPS with graphed displays to help you easily spot trends in performance.


The report generator creates a text display from any test which can be copied into spreadsheets or other software for more detailed analysis and archiving.