AJA Announces KONA Version 6.0 Supporting RED Post-Production Workflows

April 14, 2008

New KONA Software to Add RED-Specific Video Format Outputs.  

Las Vegas, NV, NAB Conference, Booth SL1413

In an effort to optimize support for RED Digital Cinema workflows in post production, AJA Video is adding RED-specific video outputs for some of the unique frame sizes that the REDALERT and REDCINE software applications can produce. This additional support for RED will be included in the version 6.0 software driver for the award-winning KONA 3 video card. The version 6.0 software update will be a free upgrade for KONA 3 users, and will be available for download in late May of 2008.

"RED and AJA have been linked together from the very beginning, and these advancements in the KONA 3 card are just one more step in that direction. There is no question that AJA tools are the best choice for Final Cut Pro editors looking to play out RED Native files to professional monitors via QuickTime reference movies for both offline editorial and online editing/finishing," said Ted Schilowitz, Leader of the Rebellion, RED Digital Cinema. "The RED ONE is such a flexible tool, generating 4K, 3K and 2K shooting formats, and AJA has really stepped up to support our multiple formats to make them easily viewable on traditional HD monitors."

"RED has revolutionized the professional camera market, and is driving growing numbers of filmmakers towards digital acquisition," said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. "We're happy to provide tools that will streamline the post workflows for these early adopters as they implement their 4K digital finishing pipelines."

The following frame sizes will be offered as video playback options within the
Apple Final Cut Pro>A/V Devices tab in Version 6.0 of the AJA KONA driver software:


  • 2048x1152 - outputs the image to 2048x1556
  • 2048x1024 - outputs the image to 2048x1080

Note: These 2K frame sizes can be output to either a 2K DCI spec projector or to a 1920x1080 HD video monitor using the AJA KONA 3 real time 2K crop feature.


  • 1536x864 - outputs the image to 1920x1080
  • 1536x768 - outputs the image to 1920x1080
  • 1024x576 - outputs the image to 1920x1080
  • 1024x512 - outputs the image to 1920x1080

This real time image output automatically centers the picture and fills the rest of the frame with black.

Support for these, and other unique frames sizes that may be produced when working with RED, will also be enabled for the AJA TV software application. AJA TV is a stand-alone QuickTime video player that utilizes the KONA card video outputs, providing a simple way to playback and review clips. The AJA TV application is a free utility that installs with the AJA software driver.

About the AJA KONA product line
The KONA family is AJA's line of 10-bit uncompressed QuickTime cards for video and audio input and output on the Mac platform. KONA cards lead the way with features that satisfy even the most advanced video workflows. From the KONA LSe and its complete suite of analog and digital SD support to the KONA LHe, which bridges the SD and HD worlds, all the way to the industry leading KONA 3 with high-end features that include SD/HD, hardware up/down/cross-conversion, dual-link, and 2K support. A simple, affordable desktop Mac Pro system and a KONA card deliver the quality and function of a full-featured nonlinear editing suite at a fraction of the price.

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