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Color Grading Central Colors ‘Just Let Go’ with Help from AJA T-TAP™

October 29, 2015

“Just Let Go” debuted this fall in select theatres nationwide as a one-night affair hosted by Fathom Events. Starring Henry Ian Cusick, the drama follows devoted father Chris Williams, as he struggles to forgive the young drunk driver responsible for taking the lives of his loved ones. Propel Pictures handled post production for the film and enlisted Color Grading Central Owner Denver Riddle to color it. In search of a reliable, Thunderbolt™-powered SDI device for monitoring during post, Riddle built AJA T-TAP™ into his workflow for the project. [Read the full story]

AJA Ki Pro Rack Helps Journalists Get Down with the Peanuts Gang On-Camera at TIFF

October 26, 2015

Entertainment journalists got a chance to boogie with the Peanuts gang this fall during Fox’s press screening of “The Peanuts Movie” at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Los Angeles based visual effects company BlueScreen LLC, working with Junket Productions and Fox, oversaw the on-site shoot, which captured 60 journalists dancing on-camera to Meghan Trainor’s new song from the movie’s soundtrack “Feels Better When I’m Dancing.” The footage was composited live with a CG scene featuring a Soul Train dance line style of Peanuts characters, played back via AJA Ki Pro Rack. Each take was then recorded to CF cards, which Fox sent to press ahead of the film’s debut for use in on-air segments about the movie. [Read the full story]

Filmmaker Ali Walker Shoots Luxury Brand Films with CION

October 14, 2015

Ali Walker is a UK-based independent filmmaker and artist who has been shooting commercials, music videos and documentary films for over ten years. He’s started shooting with the AJA CION production camera and recently completed a series of films for luxury brand Asprey, and is also preparing to shoot his first feature film with the CION and Alexa. [Read the full story]

RT Software Standardizes on AJA Corvid 88 for tOG-VR and tOG-Vista 4K Real-time Broadcast Graphics Systems

October 1, 2015

Broadcast graphics systems developer RT Software has standardized on using AJA Video Systems’ Corvid 88 video card in its 4K real-time broadcast graphics systems. The company is also integrating AJA’s Io 4K with Thunderbolt™ 2 and 4K support into its up-and-coming 4K camera stitching solution, tOG-Vista. [Read the full story]

AJA Technology Powers Dynamic Video Wall Content for Katy Perry’s ‘Prismatic’ Tour

August 31, 2015

Cole Gion is the man behind the scenes quietly powering AV for live event productions across the globe. Recently, the AV systems engineer and ProCraft Media owner trekked across the U.S., Europe and Asia, supporting video production for Katy Perry’s “Prismatic” concert tour. In the pop star’s typical over-the-top style, the show offers fans a visual cornucopia of neon costumes, illuminated props and laser projections. The stage is adorned with large LED walls that screen video clips throughout the performance, providing context for the action on stage. To cue up the content on time for the Asia leg of the tour, Gion banked on an extensive workflow, with video input, output, conversion, scaling and recording powered by a combination of AJA gear, including ROI and HD5-DA Mini-Converters; Io 4K capture and output hardware; and Ki Pro recorders. [Read the full story]

Cinematographer Marion Laney Stirs Up Production for ‘Rusty’s RockFeast’ with AJA CION

August 24, 2015

For freelance DP Marion Laney, the allure of cinematography lies in the diverse nature of the job. From shooting a ballet one day to a glacier the next, he thrives on exploring new environments. Recently Laney traversed the U.S. while capturing FYI Network’s concert-meets-culinary series “Rusty’s RockFeast: Backstage with Zac Brown Band.” Produced by School of Humans with post by Moonshine Post Production, the show follows Chef Rusty Hamlin and his crew on the Zac Brown Band concert tour as they serve up gourmet meals for fans out of an 18-wheeler kitchen dubbed “Cookie.” To supplement footage from the roadshow, Laney shot team interviews and meetings with two AJA CION cameras post-tour. [Read the full story]

GFQ Network Broadcast Live Streams to Air with AJA KONA 4 and Wirecast

August 19, 2015

Andrew Zarian founded GFQ Network in 2009, originally as ‘the Guys from Queens’, because he was largely producing local shows for friends and friends of friends. Fast forward to 2015, and GFQ Network has evolved into a national brand producing 15 shows a week. The network’s most popular show is “What the Tech” co-hosted by Zarian with tech journalist Paul Thurrott, but GFQ also runs specialized call-in programming for niche audiences. In order to manage their live production workflow, the studio relies heavily on KONA 4 video I/O cards from AJA for their multi-channel streaming needs. [Read the full story]

DP David Kaufman Captures MLS Soccer and Indie Film Short with AJA CION

August 6, 2015

David Kaufman is a video producer and editor for Sporting Kansas City, one of the region’s most popular Major League Soccer clubs, and a freelance cameraman. For Sporting Kansas City, he shoots and produces web videos, commercials, introduction videos for the Sporting KC Video board, and feature content for the SKCTV broadcast team. [Read the full story]

Inventive Heats Up Production on ‘The Romance of Dining in Hong Kong’ with AJA CION

July 27, 2015

Hong Kong-based creative powerhouse Inventive has built a niche for itself in graphics design and commercials over the last 20 years. Whether providing production and post to clients in the theme park industry, retail or motorsports, Inventive’s creative team aims to deliver high-quality visuals, while also keeping costs down and maintaining efficient workflows in-house. Looking to diversify its portfolio, Inventive recently began work on the food and beverage show “The Romance of Dining in Hong Kong,” and Creative Director Joe Kam introduced the AJA CION camera into its production workflow for the project. [Read the full story]

Crooked Letter Films Captures Picturesque Promo for Brooklyn Bicycle Co. with AJA CION

July 20, 2015

In a world where storytelling reigns, Crooked Letter Films’ visual narratives have made lasting impressions for brands like Columbia Records, Refinery 29 and H&M. Based in New York, the one-stop shop conceptualizes, executes and delivers compelling digital stories for a range of clients, guiding each project from beginning to end. When Brooklyn Bicycle Co. recently approached Crooked Letter Films with the opportunity to create a promo for its website, company founder Gabriel Gomez set the bar high, electing to shoot the film in ProRes with an AJA CION production camera. [Read the full story]

AJA KONA 3G Facilitates Deadpool Dailies Screenings at FOX

July 15, 2015

When previewing feature dailies for studio executives, everything in the screening room must operate seamlessly so that clips play on demand without any technical hiccups. While this should be operationally simple, today’s non-standard capture scenarios may not always be supported in a ‘one size fits all’ video hardware setup. [Read the full story]

AJA CION Takes the 4K Spotlight at Pacific Producers Group

June 22, 2015

An appreciation for filmmaking quickly turned into a full-time gig for Shawn Serdar. Channeling a passion for the craft, he took over the reigns at Pacific Producers Group (PPG) in 2007, and the Vancouver-based production company has been thriving ever since. Operating out of Gak Studio, a video and photography studio where Serdar is Partner, PPG provides multimedia services to industrial, government, legal and commercial clients. Favoring 4K capture for greater creative flexibility, Serdar and the Gak partners keep the studio stocked with an arsenal of 4K gear, including a new AJA CION camera. [Read the full story]

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