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Complete range of standalone converters

From production to post and live events, AJA Mini-Converters offer the most complete range of compact, standalone conversion and infrastructure solutions, designed to the highest standards in reliability and quality. Our converters cover a full range of 4K, HD and SD capabilities to meet your needs.

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SDI/HDMI Converters

Hi5-Plus - 3G-SDI to HDMI Mini-Converter

HA5-Plus - HDMI to 3G-SDI Mini-Converter

Hi5 - HD-SDI/SDI to HDMI Video and Audio Converter

HA5 - HDMI to SDI/HD-SDI Video and Audio Converter

Hi5-4K - Simple 4K SDI to 4K HDMI conversion

Hi5-3D - Dual HD-SDI to 3D Multiplexer

Hi5-Fiber - HD/SD-SDI over Fiber To HDMI Video and Audio Converter

Hi5-3G - 3G/Dual Link/HD-SD-SDI to HDMI Video and Audio Converter

HDP2 - HD-SDI/SDI to DVI-D and Audio Converter

UDC - Up/Down/Cross-Converter

ROI - DVI/HDMI to SDI with Region Of Interest Scaling

LUT-box - In-line Color Transform

4K2HD - 4K/UHD to HD-SDI and HDMI Downconverter

Analog Converters

V2Analog - HD/SD-SDI to Component/Composite Analog Mini-Converter

V2Digital - Component/Composite Analog to HD/SD-SDI Mini-Converter

HD10A-Plus - HD Analog to HD-SDI Converter

HD10AVA - Analog Video and Audio to SD/HD-SDI

HD10CEA - SDI/HD-SDI to Analog Audio/Video

HD10C2 - HD-SDI and SDI digital-to-analog converter, 10-bit

Optical Fiber Converters

FiDO - Single and Dual-channel SDI/Fiber converters


3G-AM - 3G-SDI 8-Channel AES Embedder/Disembedder

3G-AMA - 3G-SDI Analog Audio Embed/Disembed

GEN10 - HD/SD Sync Generator10 Blackburst and Tri-level Sync Generator

3GM - 3G/1.5G HD-SDI Multiplexer

3GDA - 1x6 3G/HD/SD Reclocking Distribution Amplifier

HD5DA - HD-SDI/SDI serial digital distribution amplifier

HD10DA - HD/SD (dual-rate) re-clocking 1x6 serial digital DA

D5DA - SDI distribution amplifier

HD10MD3 - HD miniature digital down-converter

HD10AM - HD/SD 8-channel AES embedder/disembedder

HD10AMA - HD/SD 4-channel analog audio embedder/disembedder

ADA4 - 4-channel bi-directional audio A/D and D/A converter

SD Converters

D5PSW - SDI protection switch

D4E - SDI to NTSC/PAL encoder

D10CEA - SDI to analog audio and video converter


DRM - Mini-Converter Rack-Mount Frame

DWP-U-R1 - Universal power supply (Note: As of Nov. 1, 2012 a DWP-U-R1 is included with the purchase of any AJA Mini-Converter)

RMB - Easily mount AJA Mini-Converters to the side of a rack.

PWR-Cable -Anton Bauer to AJA Mini-Converter power cable.

P-TAP-CBL - P-Tap to AJA Mini-Converter power cable

Quality to rely on

AJA converters have earned a reputation for the highest quality and best levels of reliability.

Built to the exacting standards of all AJA hardware, Mini-Converters are backed by our world-class support network and 5-year international warranty.