Apple ProRes

The Significance of the Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder for Windows and the Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder for Mac to AJA KONA and Io HD Users

Apple ProResUpon introduction, Apple ProRes 422 was exclusively available to users working under macOS who also performed a Final Cut Studio 2 installation. On Aug. 28, 2008 Apple released the Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder software for Windows and Mac. Now post-production assets generated with the high-quality Apple ProRes format can be shared with collaborators working under the Windows OS or on Macs without Final Cut Studio 2 installed. Be aware that since these are decoders users can read but not write files to the Apple ProRes format. An Apple Final Cut Studio 2 installation under macOS is still required to write Apple ProRes files.

The Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder for Windows allows Apple ProRes files to be played back under the Windows operating system. System requirements for version 1.0 suggest using Windows XP (SP2) or a later OS version along with QuickTime version 7.5 or later. QuickTime Player on the Windows OS can offer real time playback of Apple ProRes files. While other QuickTime enabled applications running under Windows may be able to read Apple ProRes files, these applications may not offer real time playback.

For Mac users that do not have Final Cut Studio 2 installed on their computer, the Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder for the Mac is particularly useful. This decoder allows the review of Apple ProRes files on Apple computers that may not be dedicated to content creation or editorial.

These two releases offer several key benefits to AJA end users since they expand workflow and collaboration possibilities:

The Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder for Mac and Windows can be downloaded from Apple at the following URL:

Note: Users with Final Cut Studio 2 do not require the installation of the Mac decoder.