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Control Link Software v1.2 for Mac (FS-HDR kb Panel Software)

Category: Software Archive

Released: 2019-06-21

Platform(s): macOS

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Control Link Software v1.2 is control software for utilizing a Tangent kb panel alongside a FS-HDR for tactile control of the FS-HDR's 3.0 Colorfront Engine-Live parameters. Control of the FS-HDR v3.0 Colorfront Engine – Film Mode parameters will be supported in a future release.
If you are using an FS-HDR version before 3.0 please use the v1.1 version of the Control Link software.

Please read the FS-HDR Release Notes and see the FS-HDR manual for instructions on using this software alongside the FS-HDR with a Tangent kb panel.

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