2-Channel 3G-SDI to Single-Mode LC
Fiber Transmitter (CDWM)*

FiDO-2T-X offers unmatched flexibility and cost efficiency for SDI-Fiber conversion, allowing for long cable runs up to 10 km (32,808 ft) with electrical isolation - useful for eliminating ground loop problems.

FiDO converters use a compact, low-profile enclosure that works well in tight spaces around and behind equipment racks, trucks and on camera.

$1240 US MSRP*

* Pricing is for US only. International pricing will vary.


2-Channel 3G-SDI to Single Mode LC Fiber Transmitter for CWDM SFPs

  • Duplex connection (LC connector)
  • Dual, independent 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs
  • Both SDI-to-Fiber paths are completely independent
  • Uses 5-20VDC power (DWP-U-R1 universal power supply included)
  • five year warranty

Note: Choose from 9 pairs of CWDM Wavelengths

            See details HERE

Supported Wavelength Pairs

Each AJA CWDM transmitter* supports two individual wavelengths,
as shown in the chart below:

Wavelength #1

Wavelength #2

1271 nm

1291 nm

1311 nm

1331 nm

1351 nm

1371 nm

1391 nm

1411 nm

1431 nm

1451 nm

1471 nm

1491 nm

1511 nm

1531 nm

1551 nm

1571 nm

1591 nm

1611 nm


*FiDO-2T-X's price reflects base unit with one CWDM SFP module. CWDM SFPs are $695 US MSRP. Please specify wavelength needs when ordering

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Universal Power Supply

All AJA Mini-Converters ship with a universal power supply that includes international plug connections for use around the world.

Compact and Portable

AJA Mini-Converters are small enough to fit behind a monitor, in the back of a rack or directly on a camera rig. A locking power connector can't accidentally pull loose and an optional P-TAP power cable allows for battery power in remote locations.

AJA Mini-Matrix

Information on the complete line of AJA Mini-Converters is now available as a mobile app on iOS. The Mini-Converter product line is extensive and this app helps you find the right converter for any situation, wherever you are.

Individual products have links back to the main AJA website for more details and you can email product information directly from the app. The free AJA Mini-Matrix app for iPad® and iPhone® is available now in the Apple iTunes® Store.


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Industry-Leading Support

AJA’s technical support is recognized as among the best in the industry and is available to all AJA customers. If you need assistance with any aspect of your Mini-Converter installation, configuration, operation or encounter any technical issue,  AJA Support will work with you to get up and running.

Mini-Converter products are covered by a generous five year international warranty.

Tech Specs

Video Formats

  • 150 Mbps - 3 Gbps, format agnostic

Video Input Digital

  • 2-Channel independent 3G-SDI BNC Inputs, SMPTE-259/292/424

Video Output Digital

  • 2-Channel independent CWDM LC Fiber Outputs, SMPTE-259/292/424
  • Nominal Wavelength:
    • SFP Option 1: 1271 nm & 1291 nm
    • SFP Option 2: 1311 nm & 1331 nm    
    • SFP Option 3: 1351 nm & 1371 nm
    • SFP Option 4: 1391 nm & 1411 nm        
    • SFP Option 5: 1431 nm & 1451 nm    
    • SFP Option 6: 1471 nm & 1491 nm    
    • SFP Option 7: 1511 nm & 1531 nm    
    • SFP Option 8: 1551 nm & 1571 nm    
    • SFP Option 9: 1591 nm & 1611 nm    
  • Optical Power: -5dBm (min), 0dBm (max)
  • Extinction Ratio: 7.5dB (Typ)


*Please see SFP Configurator for CWDM wavelength choices


  • 270 Mbps, 1.483 Gbps, 1.485 Gbps, 2.966 Gbps, 2.970 Gbps - Auto Select
  • All other rates are passed through and not reclocked

Size (w x d x h)

  • 4.6" x 1.71" x 0.85" (117 x 43.5 x 21.6mm)


  • 0.5 lb (0.3 kg)


  • 3 watts max
  • Uses 5-20VDC power (AJA power supply model DWP-U-R1 included)


  • Safe Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F)
  • Safe Storage Temperature (Power OFF): -40 to 60 C (-40 to 140 F)
  • Operating Relative Humidity: 10-90% noncondensing
  • Operating Altitude: <3,000 meters (<10,000 feet)