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AJA’s KUMO 1616 Router and T-TAP Help DIT Sam Petrov Deliver Color Accurate Picture On-Set

October 23, 2018

"AJA gear is robust, reliable, comes backed with unparalleled support—and I’m confident that as workflow needs evolve, these are the products that will keep up..." [Read the full story]

AJA Corvid Cards Drive Atlas-Fractal Media Servers to Power Large Scale Video Playback at Russian World Cup 2018 Host Stadiums

October 15, 2018

Technical specialists at Russia’s Innovative Television Systems (INTV) develop and manufacture graphics workstations, architect workflows, integrate systems and provide production support for special events. [Read the full story]

CrossTec Futureproofs its Production Workflow for 4K with AJA Ki Pro Ultra

October 3, 2018

Tokyo-based CrossTec Inc. provides high performance, cost effective digital technologies and production services to clients across the Japanese broadcast industry. [Read the full story]

AJA’s FS-HDR Helps China’s Guangdong Radio and Television Broadcast in 4K

September 27, 2018

Guangdong Radio and Television (GRT) is one of the largest Cantonese television networks in the world and one of China’s oldest media organizations. [Read the full story]

AJA Io 4K Plus Helps Góndola Films Deliver Powerful Narrative for 4K HDR Documentary ‘A Light in the Darkness'

September 24, 2018

Founded by director José Borrell and producer Sara Fijo, Seville-based Góndola Films is a Spanish production company specializing in human interest documentaries. [Read the full story]

CBT Systems Banks on AJA Performance for Live eSports Production and Streaming Integrations

September 18, 2018

" simply just can’t beat the performance, reliability and quality of signal that AJA tools provide.” [Read the full story]

Ekstraklasa Live Park, Host Broadcaster of the Polish Football Premiere League Ekstraklasa, Taps AJA FS-HDR for HDR Live Production

September 11, 2018

Polish broadcast provider Ekstraklasa Live Park plans to produce live broadcasts of the Polish Football Premier League in UltraHD for the 2019 season. [Read the full story]

GQC Boosts Live eSports Production for ‘H1Z1’  Pro League Competitions with AJA Ki Pro Ultra 

July 11, 2018

Step into the Caesars Event Space in Las Vegas, and it has all of the conventional trappings of a major sports production. Cameras and a host of broadcast equipment surround an elaborate set dressed with stadium-style bleacher seating, a commentator desk and interview stage, in addition to 75 gaming stations in the round and a decagon of overhead displays. [Read the full story]

NHK Enterprises “nep infini” Production Workflow Goes HDR with AJA FS-HDR

June 25, 2018

NHK Enterprises launched “nep infini” in 2012 as a new online and offline workflow offering for production professionals working with a range of HD, 2K, 4K and 8K camera formats and frame rates. With a rising demand for facilitating HDR workflows, NHK recently began exploring solutions to help “nep infini” clients take their productions to the next level. AJA FS-HDR, the newest addition to “nep infini” and cornerstone of their UltraHD HDR workflow, supports real-time HDR transforms. [Read the full story]

AJA KUMO 6464 Powers Multi-Signal Routing for Live King of Hammers 2018 Off-Road Racing Production

May 2, 2018

The world’s top ULTRA4 racers converge in Johnson Valley, CA every February to compete in the King of Hammers, a week-long series of off-road races spanning more than 200 miles of rocky desert terrain. [Read the full story]

Auburn Grace Community Church Streams Sermons  Live to YouTube with AJA Kit and vMix

April 23, 2018

In the age of social media and prolific digital devices, video is a powerful communication medium for houses of worship, as they explore new ways to engage and evolve with their communities. [Read the full story]

AJA Corvid 88 Powers I/O for AZLAB’s Inspiration WS/SDI 8K Media Server

April 20, 2018

Founded by Mr. Kazunobu Azuma in 2003, AZLAB is an R&D company based in Japan that develops next-gen computer technologies. [Read the full story]

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