AJA Video Sweeps Awards at NAB 2007

April 30, 2007

Io HD Earns Five Best of Show Awards from Broadcast Engineering, TVTechnology, Millimeter, Digital Content Producer and Videography; FS1Converter Wins Videography Vidy Award.  

AJAVideo, a leading manufacturer of professional video interface andconversion solutions, today announced that the company garnered sixawards at NAB 2007 for its Io HD and FS1 input/output and videoconversion products. The Io HD wins include the Broadcast EngineeringPick Hit award, the TV Technology Star award, the Videography Vidyaward, and the Millimeter and Digital Content Producer Pick Hit awards.The FS1 converter won the Videography Vidy award.

"Thesewins are a ringing endorsement for our efforts to continue to provideinnovative and flexible solutions that deliver an incredible level ofpower and support," commented Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video. "We'rethrilled that the NAB press and attendees have consistently beenimpressed with all of our hard work."

The BroadcastEngineering Pick Hit award, given in recognition of innovativetechnology developed and shown at NAB, is the longest-running technicalaward in NABís history, and is chosen by a panel of anonymous judgesfrom within the professional community. The TV Technology Star award isdesigned to celebrate and showcase the preeminent technologicalinnovations available to the broadcast industry, and is judged by apanel of TV Technology editors and columnists. The Videography Vidyawards are selected by a panel of editors and industry experts. TheMillimeter and Digital Content Producer Pick Hit awards showcaseproducts with significant technological innovation that promise to havea positive, practical impact on the day-to-day professional lives ofdigital content producers.

"Our converter business hasbeen going strong for many years, and we continue to innovate with moreflexible solutions that deliver an incredible level of power andsupport at unparalleled price points in the professional marketplace,"said Karen Holt, Converter Sales Manager, AJA. "The FS1 is like theSwiss Army Knife of converters, and with inputs and outputs active atall times, can enable huge productivity boosts for multi-format videoand audio environments. The GEN10 delivers highly accurate synccapabilities with incredible price performance."

About IoHD
Io HD is the next-generation of the popular Io video ingest and outputdevices, introduced by AJA four years ago. Io HD brings HD editing tothe MacBook Pro and Mac Pro utilizing Apple's ProRes 422 technology,while also supporting SD editing workflows. Io HD includes manyhigh-end features such as Up-, Down-, and Cross-conversion, all at10-bit hardware-based quality. Io HD offers unmatched connectivity viaits myriad of professional analog and digital interfaces. Io HD is aportable device that works with Apple's new Final Cut Studio 2 forprofessional editing, and also with other QuickTime applications on MacOS X for graphics, audio and digital content creation.

About FS1
The FS1 is a universal HD and SD, audio and video frame synchronizerand converter. With an extremely flexible architecture, the FS1 cansimultaneously support both HD and SD video—all in full 10-bitbroadcast quality video and 24-bit audio. The FS1 supports virtuallyany input or output as analog or digital, HD or SD. This converter canup-or-down-convert between SD and HD, and provide simultaneous outputsof both formats and supports closed captioning and the conversion ofclosed captioning between SD and HD formats. FS1 also includes 10-bitHD to HD cross-conversion for 1080 and 720 formats. For audio, the FS1supports 8-channel AES, balanced analog or embedded audio with fullflexibility. The FS1 is also network ready, supporting SNMP monitoringand web-based remote control.