AJA Announces Version 2.0 Software for FS2 Dual Channel Universal Frame Synchronizer/Format Converter

AJA Announces Version 2.0 Software for FS2 Dual Channel Universal Frame Synchronizer/Format Converter

September 7, 2012

Amsterdam, Netherlands, IBC Conference Stand 7.F11  - AJA Video Systems today announced Version 2.0 software for the FS2 compact 1RU dual channel universal frame synchronizer and format converter. The new upgrade adds a DVI signal scaler with region of interest (ROI) position parameters. This feature enables the user to selectively crop from the DVI-D signal source, for example a webpage viewed on a computer desktop, and scale it in real time via a live signal output on the FS2 to standard broadcast HD via 3G/HD-SDI, Fiber or HDMI.

The Version 2.0 software will support non-broadcast digital input formats for use with the FS2's HDMI input. This allows single-link DVI-D inputs from computer systems, for example, to be fed into the FS2 and converted to broadcast signals for use throughout a production or facility. For broadcasters and A/V installations that are dealing more and more with a mixture of broadcast and computer signals, the FS2 provides a simple solution and level of quality that ensures seamless integration. The new software also introduces a region of interest selection which, combined with advanced AJA scaling technology, allows a portion of any incoming signal to be isolated, scaled and converted all in a single FS2 unit. This is useful for extracting a particular area within the frame to allow reframing of shots or cropping of unwanted parts of the frame.

"The ability to quickly and easily scale content sourced from the web into HD broadcasts in real time is a feature that our FS2 customers are really excited about," said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. "Both our broadcast and corporate FS2 customers require the ability to capture from their desktop feed for live scaling to HD video and we're pleased to provide them with this feature in a free software update."

FS2 builds on the success of AJA's FS1 by adding dual channel features in a streamlined 1RU design at an unprecedented price point. Each FS2 video channel supports analog component or composite, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Dual-Link and HDMI I/O, as well as Optical Fiber I/O options, and each channel has its own still-store, keyer, and video proc amp/color corrector. With support for all broadcast video formats in a single converter box, FS2 makes it easy to match up disparate video and audio systems and is ideally suited for broadcast facilities, production trucks and other multi-format production environments.

The FS2 Version 2 software will be available as a free download at www.aja.com in October of 2012. FS2 is available through AJA's reseller channel at an MSRP of $4995 US. Also available are dual fiber options for $295 US and single fiber options for $195 US, as well as Dolby E decoding for $2995 US.

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