Telerecord Mobile Production Trucks Go the Distance with AJA FS1

Telerecord Mobile Production Trucks Go the Distance with AJA FS1

October 20, 2008

Florence-based Telerecord is one of Italy's leading providers of mobile television production trucks. The company maintains a fleet of five trucks facilitating a broad range of production workflows.

Telerecord has been working with AJA distributor Videocine 2000 in Milan to outfit its newest truck with three AJA FS1 universal converters and a host of AJA rack-mount cards that include: six RH10MD downconverters, five HD10AM HD/SD 8-channel AES embedder/disembedders, eight RH10DA SD/HD 1x8 reclocking distribution amplifiers, two R20DA 1x8 SDI reclocking/equalizing distribution amplifiers, one R20CE SDI to component/composite analog converter, and two RH10UC SDI to HD-SDI upconverter and frame synchronizers.

"We chose to work with AJA products because they offer great price performance, an innovative feature set and a lot of flexibility. With the AJA FS1, we can support HD-SDI, SD-SDI, component and composite video all on a single device," explained Giovanni Bertini, Owner/CEO, Telerecord.

Telerecord builds, operates and rents outdoor broadcast trucks for sporting events and live concert venues throughout Italy. Some recent events that have used their trucks include weekly Sky Italia soccer matches, MTV Italy special events in HD and various HD/SD transmissions for Italian broadcaster RAI International.

For a recent soccer match telecast, Telerecord used the AJA FS1 to take a clean HD-SDI feed from the host broadcaster to output for air, simultaneously outputting an SD-SDI feed to monitor the production while demuxing the embedded audio from the feed in AES-EBU to mix with live commentary.

"In the world of outdoor broadcast, we're largely working with programming that is transmitted live to air, and there are always last minute technical requirements—some of them expected and some unexpected. With AJA's FS1 we have the flexibility to deal with many of those unforeseen needs. We also have the assurance that the FS1 will be totally reliable in our high-pressure production environments where there is no tolerance for faulty equipment," concluded Bertini. Telerecord was founded in 1978 and provides a wide range of outdoor broadcast television production services and equipment rental, including camera packages, audio gear, editing and transmission, along with operators and engineers to service clientele throughout Italy. Telerecord also builds and sells custom-designed outdoor broadcast vans.