AJA Corvid Cards Drive Atlas-Fractal Media Servers to Power Large Scale Video Playback at Russian World Cup 2018 Host Stadiums

AJA Corvid Cards Drive Atlas-Fractal Media Servers to Power Large Scale Video Playback at Russian World Cup 2018 Host Stadiums

October 15, 2018

Technical specialists at Russia’s Innovative Television Systems (INTV) develop and manufacture graphics workstations, architect workflows, integrate systems and provide production support for special events. Founded in November 2008, the St. Petersburg-based company recently rolled out a powerful new media server, dubbed Atlas-Fractal, which leverages AJA’s Corvid 88 multi-stream, multi-format PCIe I/O card to play back video content on a videocube, giant LED screens and LED video perimeters in several major Russian sports stadiums and arenas. 

Using broadcast video server technology and a real-time GPU-based graphics engine, Atlas-Fractal powers video cubes, giant screens and field-side advertising screens across Russia’s top sports venues. Following a successful installation at a hockey arena in Ufa, INTV was enlisted to bring the technology to Kazan Arena, home to FC Rubin Kazan of the Russian Premier League and one of the world’s largest outdoor screens, ahead of two high profile international events: the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2018’s FIFA World Cup football tournament. Based on the results from the Confederations Cup and in anticipation of 2018 summer matches, four other football stadiums, including Samara, Saransk, Yekaterinburg and Sochi, also installed Atlas-Fractal.

The Atlas-Fractal server system supports the display of high-quality graphics on two large LED screens inside arenas, two large LED screens outside the arenas and on video screens surrounding the field, which display the match time, points, team logos, key stats and game footage. Each server includes either one or two AJA Corvid 88s to support varying stadium needs—anything from 2 UHD streams out, to 8 or 16 full HD streams. During gameplay breaks, the screens can present lighter fare to entertain spectators like the kiss-cam. Typically, the same image is displayed on both of the LED screens for viewer convenience; however, each screen’s separate framework allows for different images to be shown upon demand. 

While using screens to display in-venue ads is commonplace, Atlas-Fractal provides advertisers with advanced artistic tools to display messages in their desired image dimensions. For Kazan Arena, INTV developed new Atlas-Fractal software to automate ad output and rotation based on a pre-determined set of rules. The system also streamlines switching of video screens and graphics pattern output – condensing a two-person task into one that can be managed by one operator. Additionally, Atlas-Fractal can control equipment such as lighting and sound control consoles and projectors that display images on surfaces or spotlight players entering the field. 

INTV continues to develop and refine Atlas-Fractal based on client feedback and system performance, working on features including optional remote client access with tiered permissions. Throughout the evolution of the server, INTV relies on AJA Corvid 88 to continue delivering high density input and output with incredible flexibility across formats, further futureproofing workflows. 

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