AJA’s Ki Pro Mini Fast-Tracks Indie Film Workflow for <em>Straight Outta Tompkins</em>

AJA’s Ki Pro Mini Fast-Tracks Indie Film Workflow for Straight Outta Tompkins

May 20, 2013

“We knew that we would be shooting with Canon C300 cameras and editing in Avid, and the Ki Pro Mini just seemed like a great tool to simplify our workflow by recording everything straight into DNxHD,” said Roots.
Roots used the Ki Pro Mini on set to both record footage directly in Avid’s DNxHD codec and to convert output from HD/SDI to HDMI, allowing the production team to instantly review footage on external HDMI monitors – and giving Roots the peace of mind that he was capturing the image he wanted.

“The Ki Pro Mini was incredibly flexible in the field – we ended up using it as both a recorder and a converter during production,” Roots explained. “Using an external recorder was a really smart choice for us and significantly streamlined our workflow – having all the files ready to drop right into our NLE environment was very convenient. I was also impressed with how robust and durable it was as we lugged it all over New York in cold weather.” 

Roots, a first-time AJA user, was won over by the Ki Pro Mini’s simplicity and efficiency. “I would definitley use the Ki Pro Mini again,” he said. “Not every camera has the ability to record in formats compatible with our NLE, so knowing that the Ki Pro Mini can do that heavy lifting for you is huge. Plus every time a new camera comes out, there’s just a simple firmware update to support Camera Data and you’re good to go.”

The Ki Pro Mini is a highly compact digital video recorder, easily mountable on virtually any SDI or HDMI equipped video camera and offering support for both Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD formats for the fastest ready-to-edit workflow. For more information please visit:

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