AJA Ships FS-HDR v2.6 with New Dynamic LUTs

AJA Ships FS-HDR v2.6 with New Dynamic LUTs

December 19, 2018

Grass Valley, CA (December 19, 2018) — AJA Video Systems has released a free v2.6 firmware update for the FS-HDR real-time HDR and WCG converter/frame-sync, fusing AJA’s production-proven hardware technology with Colorfront Engine™ video and color space processing. FS-HDR v2.6 introduces new Dynamic 3D LUTs, with dynamic LUT support from Pomfort LiveGrade Pro and TV Logic WonderLookPro. FS-HDR v2.6 also brings 8K support with new gang control, and additional new color transformation enhancements. 

FS-HDR v2.6 new features include:

  • Colorfront Engine support for new HDR output transforms:
    • S-Log3/BT.2020 Output Dynamic Range and Gamut
    • ARRI Log C Output Dynamic Range and Gamut
  • Updated BBC v1.2 HLG LUTs
    • SDR Scene-Referred (SR) to HLG
    • SDR Display-Referred (DR) to HLG
    • PQ 1000 nits to HLG
    • S-Log3 100% to HLG
    • S-Log3 200% (SR-Live) to HLG
    • HLG to SDR Display-Referred (DR) 
    • HLG to PQ 1000 nit 
  • New BBC v1.2 HLG LUTs: 
    • SDR SR up-conversion to HLG
    • SDR DR up-conversion to HLG
    • PQ 4000 nits to HLG
    • HLG to SDR Scene Referred SR
  • 3D LUT Uploads: Upload and store multiple custom 3D.CUBE LUTs to FS-HDR using the web GUI, and user presets to recall. Use custom LUTs with the FS-HDR toolset to provide consistent looks with real-time workflows.
  • Ganged Operation of Colorfront Engine parameters with the AJA FS-HDR Control Link app: Use the free FS-HDR Control Link v1.1 application to gang multiple FS-HDRs on the same network, including four FS-HDRs for 8K workflows. Easily make Colorfront Engine adjustments by implementing parameter changes to one unit that simultaneously apply to all ganged units using FS-HDR’s applications GUI or a Tangent Element Kb twelve knob panel.
  • Pomfort LiveGrade Pro and TV Logic WonderLookPro Support for FS-HDR Dynamic 3D LUTs: FS-HDR v2.6 is ready for integration with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro; the upcoming LiveGrade Pro update will introduce dynamic LUT support for FS-HDR in January. TV Logic WonderLookPro support is available now.

Pricing and Availability
FS-HDR v2.6 firmware is available now as a free download from AJA’s support page. FS-HDR is currently available through AJA’s worldwide reseller network for $7995 US MSRP. For more information, visit: www.aja.com/products/fs-hdr.
About FS-HDR
FS-HDR is a versatile 1RU, rack-mount universal converter/frame synchronizer for real time HDR transforms as well as 4K/HD up/down/cross conversions. Fusing AJA’s production-proven FS frame synchronization and conversion technology with video and color space processing algorithms from the award-winning Colorfront Engine, FS-HDR matches the real time, low-latency processing and color fidelity demands that broadcast, OTT, post production and ProAV environments require. FS-HDR offers comprehensive signal conversion, and allows users to also convert a range of camera Log formats to HDR broadcast standards as well as to/from BT.2020/BT.709.

About AJA Video Systems, Inc.
Since 1993, AJA Video has been a leading manufacturer of video interface technologies, converters, digital video recording solutions and professional cameras, bringing high quality, cost effective products to the professional broadcast, video and postproduction markets. AJA products are designed and manufactured at our facilities in Grass Valley, California, and sold through an extensive sales channel of resellers and systems integrators around the world. For further information, please see our website at www.aja.com

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