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Broadcast IP

Broadcast IP

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IP Overview

AJA IP devices are designed for the transport, reception and decoding of IP video and audio. AJA Mini-Converter models are available for either SMPTE ST 2110 uncompressed video and audio over IP with 10 GigE connectivity, or JPEG 2000 TR-01 video and audio over 1 GigE.

KONA IP offers great flexibility for PCIe based hosting with support for SMPTE ST-2110, 2022-6/7 and optional JPEG 2000 TR-01 support. The card provides two 10 GigE ports for I/O across the network and an HDMI port for local monitoring.

Io IP is a portable Thunderbolt 3 ingest and playback device for professional HD video and audio over IP, bridging 10 GigE to the most popular creative software applications with new SMPTE ST 2110 or for embedded SDI over 2022-6/7 support.



SMPTE ST 2110 enables audio embedding and disembedding and wide compatibility with Broadcast IP networks. For KONA IP and Io IP, this ST 2110 support extends to:

  • 2110-10 (System Timing)
  • 2110-20 (Uncompressed video)
  • 2110-21 (Traffic shaping for Uncompressed video)
  • 2110-30 (PCM Audio)
  • 2110-40 (Ancillary Data)

Connect from Baseband to IP or IP to Baseband for SMPTE ST 2110 IP workflows simply with AJA IP Mini-Converters at point of use and integrate your current creative tools with KONA IP or Io IP. Visit our product pages to see just some of the wide array of workflow possibilities our IP products make available today.

3 Year Warranty

Industry Leading Support

AJA’s technical support is recognized as among the best in the industry and is available to all AJA customers. If you need assistance with any aspect of your IP installation, configuration, operation or encounter any technical issue, AJA Support will work with you to get up and running.

IP Mini-Converters are covered by a generous five year warranty and KONA IP and Io IP are covered by a three year warranty. Please see the individual Product’s Manual for additional specifics around warranty conditions for the product itself.