AJA XENA Cards Hit the Road in Wohler Mobile Showroom

AJA XENA Cards Hit the Road in Wohler Mobile Showroom

May 28, 2009

Wohler Technologies, Inc. provides in-rack audio, video and datamonitoring and closed captioning solutions for the broadcast, motionpicture, and professional audio/visual markets. As part of thecompany's efforts to more effectively market themselves, they've builtWohler Mobile, a 22-foot long trailer that serves as a mobile showroomfor customers, distributors, and dealers.

Wohler selected AJA XENA video cards for video playback in order tohighlight the new Wohler line of audio monitors that display 16channels of embedded audio on an SDI stream. Wohler chose XENA overother solutions because of its versatility, simplicity and support forsuch a wide array of video formats.

"XENA allows you to bring in material that's designed for film editing,video, broadcast, animation or special effects," said KimTempleman-Holmes, VP of global sales and marketing at WohlerTechnologies, Inc. "It's a multipurpose solution that's easy to operateand allows us to showcase our audio products in the same way that ourcustomers might be operating."

AJA XENA cards are featured in the showroom displaying real-worldworkflow solutions that meet the production needs of current and futurecustomers. The mobile showroom displays production, acquisition, livebroadcast, distribution and transmission workflow scenarios.

"AJA is anindustry leader in material conversion, and we wanted to put productand workflow into this showroom that customers are going to identifywith," said Templeman-Holmes. "On the XENA you can store a number ofdiscreet audio and embedded channels into the video stream SDI. Thenyou can select those independently for playout at the same time. Thisoption gives the program producer, or any potential client, a way tocreate and store program material that is designed to meet a variety ofbroadcast needs in one table and distribute it very quickly andeasily."

The XENA line of video capture and playback cards are designed to fit avariety of creative workflows based on the Windows Vista® and Windows®XP platforms. XENA LH (PCI/PCI-X compatible) and LHe (PCIe compatible)support combined HD/SD workflows; XENA LS supports SD capture andplayback; and XENA 2K delivers uncompressed SD, HD and Dual Link HDwhile enabling users to work with 2K frames in a flexible andfuture-safe architecture. The entire XENA line of products ships withAJA's own stand-alone deck-control, playback and capture application,Machina™, and a host of powerful plug-ins for seamless integration withleading graphics and effects applications.

Wohler Mobile operates as atradeshow on wheels for the San Francisco Bay Area-based company, andmost recently rolled into the NAB show in Las Vegas and InfoComm 09 inOrlando, FL. For more information on the Wohler Mobile schedule, pleasevisit www.wohler.com/tour.

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