Troika Extends Creative Flexibility to Broadcast Design Team With AJA Kona 3

Troika Extends Creative Flexibility to Broadcast Design Team With AJA Kona 3

December 10, 2008

Troika is an Emmy Award-winning design company known for memorablevisual brand identities, strategic design and creative production formajor clients in media and entertainment, including ABC, FOX, The CW,ESPN SportsCenter, NBC Sunday Night Football, and the NFL Network amongmany others.

Though best known for its strategic brandingand motion graphics design work, Troika maintains full-scale productioncapabilities servicing clients with everything from pre-viz animaticsto live action production, editorial and more. For the last fiveyears, all of the company's in-house editing has been done usingApple's Final Cut Pro. Troika has AJA KONA cards installed on 11video/animation workstations that are utilized by its designers andartists. These workstations are all connected to a centralized machineroom and via fibre to a 15 TB Apple XSERVE server running XSAN. Troika also has an additional six dedicated design workstationsconnected to the SAN.

"We use KONA 3 and KONA LHe cards onour video/animation workstation so we are able to capture and lay offHD video to our machine room. We give our artists, editors andanimators the flexibility to sit down at any one of our computers andget their work done," said Rich Feldman, Director of Technology, Troika.

Amajority of Troika's work is in broadcast design, and involves editingof short animated or live action clips—however on larger scale networkredesigns for clients such as ABC, the company will shoot live action,design graphics, build animations, composite elements and edit finalclips, often for transmission in both HD and SD.

"Our ABC project pipeline incorporated the KONA 3 card at many stages.
We used the KONA 3 to capture and preview the material utilizing itsbuilt in DVCPRO HD accelerator. We were able to work quickly with thefootage and create rough composites to preview before lengthy renders."

"Whenwe moved to the final finishing stages, the KONA 3 became very usefulas we retransferred edited selects from HDCAM SR into the Flame. Wewere able to capture true 4:4:4 RGB preserving the quality of the greenscreen for cutting mattes. After all the composites were complete, weused the Mac with Final Cut Pro, to create the final HD Masters. TheKONA control panel proved its value as well when we needed tosimultaneously preview SD Center-Cut extractions without having tore-render our files." Feldman continued.

Troika's stableof video/animation workstation creative tools include the AdobeCreative Suite 3 (Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects), AutodeskMaya, Maxon Cinema 4D and Apple Final Cut Pro.

"Overall,we choose to work with KONA cards for their flexibility andreliability. We have NTSC monitors connected to all of ourworkstations, and it's essential that our artists have high qualityvideo monitoring available while they're working on projects. The KONAcards are great for that—and they do my laundry too; they'reincredible," joked Feldman.

Troika is a leadingHollywood-based design firm and recently completed Fox's "So Fox" brandcampaign to launch the Fall 2008 television season, the ABC refresh andbrand campaign to usher in the Fall 2008 season, the NBC Olympic logofor NBC Universal's television broadcast of the summer Olympics and the"Live out Loud" rebrand for the Oxygen Network. For more informationvisit

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