AJA KONA Cards Help Streamline Mobile Editing for Confidence Bay

AJA KONA Cards Help Streamline Mobile Editing for Confidence Bay

December 19, 2008

Confidence Bay, based in Irvine, CA, is a fully customized HD mobileediting facility, offering video capture, logging, and editorialservices for conventions, music and film festivals and other specialevents. Recent events covered include Comic-Con in San Diego, CA, theAFI-Dallas Film Festival, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival,the Sasquatch Music Festival in George, WA, and the Newport JazzFestival in Rhode Island.

"We edit in a wide variety ofenvironments on a diverse range of content, and no two jobs are evereven remotely alike," says Confidence Bay Chief Technical Officer SamCrutsinger. "Even with events like the New Orleans Jazz Fest, whichwe've shot three years in a row, each time requires very differenttechnical setups from the year before."

Confidence Bay isready to tackle any editing job in any location, coming fully equippedwith two Apple Final Cut Pro editing stations that allow producers,directors and editors to see, organize and edit their video in thefield. At the heart of the operation are two AJA KONA video capture andplayback cards, including the KONA LHe and the KONA 3, AJA'stop-of-the-line uncompressed capture card for SD, HD, and Dual Link4:4:4 HD for Apple Mac Pro systems.

"The nice thing aboutthe KONA card is that it pretty much handles everything—analog,digital, embedded audio—all of it," explains Crutsinger. "We can workwith virtually any type of recording deck brought to us, and the KONAcard will plug right into it. I have yet to have anyone bring me a deckthat I could not hook up and bring into the system using those cards."

Workingin the field with a range of video formats, Confidence Bay depends onthe versatility of the KONA LHe and the KONA 3 to keep up with customerdemands. "The KONA card is primarily about convenience," saysCrutsinger. "Someone can feed me a full resolution high definition1080p signal, and I can capture it at any resolution I need. If aproject is editing in SD, I can capture in SD, which is a more harddrive-friendly environment, and avoid handling unnecessarily largefiles."

"It was a piece of cake to integrate, I justpopped the card in and installed the software. The fact that it is soversatile threw me for a loop at first but once I realized that it wasjust giving me so many extra options, I fell in love with it,"Crutsinger continued.

Confidence Bay uses the Final Cutsuite to put their projects together and customizes the equipment intheir vehicle tailored to each individual shoot. "Depending upon thecommercial, festival, feature film, or television show that we areworking on, all of the technology has to be modified to match therequirement of the projects. The KONA cards are central to pretty mucheverything we do—they're always in the mix even when the rest of thetechnology in the truck gets swapped out."

KONA 3 is theultimate uncompressed capture card for seamless operation with PCIExpress (PCIe) Mac Pro systems and Apple Final Cut Pro. Supporting anyuncompressed SD or HD format, including Dual Link HD and 2K, KONA 3captures and plays back uncompressed 10-bit and 8-bit digital video and24-bit digital audio, providing unparalleled power and workflowefficiency. KONA 3 also includes a variety of 10-bit broadcast-qualityfeatures, such as hardware-based up-, down-, and cross-conversion toand from HD, and adds a live hardware HD/SD keyer for compositing bugs,live clips, and other elements over video.

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