Australia's Cutting Edge Sets Standards in Film & Television Excellence with AJA Solutions

Australia's Cutting Edge Sets Standards in Film & Television Excellence with AJA Solutions

June 26, 2008

Cutting Edge is one of Australia's largest full service film andtelevision post-production companies with facilities in Brisbane, twoin Sydney and another in Darwin employing a total of 160 full-time andapproximately 220 freelance staff. Aside from offering premieretelecine, offline and online editing, visual effects, broadcast design,2D and 3D animation and sound design services, the company alsomaintains the largest fleet of HD-capable mobile production trucks inAustralia. Cutting Edge has worked closely with Australia-based AJAreseller Adimex to employ multiple KONA video cards, Io HD videoinput/output devices, FS1 converters and several mini-converters."We've been using AJA products for over ten years. They consistentlydeliver very high quality with excellent specifications, performanceand cost value," explained Michael Burton, Managing Director, CuttingEdge.

KONA 3 and Io HD for Film and TV
Inaddition to owning 74 Avid systems for both rental and in-house use,Cutting Edge maintains 14 Final Cut Pro editing suites, each outfittedwith an AJA KONA 3 card for video capture. These suites are often inuse for film dailies where KONA 3 cards are used to capture footage sothat it can be transferred to tape, DVD or output as QuickTime. One ofthe films currently in post-production at Cutting Edge is BazLuhrmann's Australia. The facility has also completed a number oftelevision commercials with director Mark Toia for Griffith University,Holden Colorado and Soul Pattinson shot with the RED ONE camera, wherethe KONA 3 card is being tapped to render and play out files to HDtape.

"In addition to our film and commercial work, weuse KONA 3 cards in broadcast as a solution to accommodate RTDs (replaytransition devices) that allow us to play back HD and SD. We use anApple XServe with a KONA 3 card to do the real time playback of thisvideo and key," said Burton. "Our Digital Media Production Suitesemploy KONA 3 cards as part of the production pipeline for motiongraphics and presentation materials."

Cutting Edge alsotaps the AJA Io HD for remote editing scenarios. "We have an Io HD thatwe use when we need a quick set up of an edit suite, and with a laptop,a copy of Final Cut Pro and the Io HD, we have a very portable androbust editing suite. When there is that last minute requirement, thisis a solution we can put in place very quickly."


Flexibility with AJA FS1
CuttingEdge recently purchased 14 AJA FS1s for use in their mobile productiontrucks, the largest HD fleet in Australia. "In outside broadcasting youneed the flexibility to be able to convert HD to SD, analog to digitaland work with various aspect ratios. We found the FS1 is an invaluableall around tool, and each of our trucks has multiple FS1s that serve asthe equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife for broadcast production," Burtoncontinued.

Cutting Edge's mobile fleet covers AFL(Australian Football League) for Network 10, Cricket coverage for FOXSports and a variety of live venue and special events. "There are anumber of cheaper solutions on the market, but none of them come closeto AJA products when considering stability, reliability and depth offeature set," concluded Burton.